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best game creating engine

Posted Feb 17, '12 at 12:31pm



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i need help what's the best engine should i use?


Posted Feb 17, '12 at 4:27pm



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I am confused by the nature of the question. Are you are asking about software for creating games or engines for games?

You are going to have a put more effort in detailing what you want to know if you want people to answer you.


Posted Feb 17, '12 at 11:00pm



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C++ or Java, depending on what you want to make. If you're making a lower budget game (which unless you have a multi million dollar game studio behind you, you probably are) you could also use Java, since it's supported by Windows, Mac, and Linux, so they're all compatible. But this is all assuming you want to make a game, not just an engine.

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