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Last Castle Strategy Guide

Posted May 13, '12 at 9:58am



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If you are a mage you should always focus on the players mana and health. Just because the person you are fighting with is fine, the other might be low on mana or health.
The mage and ranger should be as close to the bottom side of the road to stay away from enemys while shooting at them. I say this because the monsters tend to be on the top side because they're trying to get to the castle as fast as they can. This way you evade them but not all monsters run on the top side of the road, the warrior should handle those while you are supporting him/her.


Posted Jun 17, '12 at 9:09pm



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Time to put in my two cents for the newbies.

-The mage should always put mana, healing and that magic stick thing(DON'T SAY IT!) above everything else, as they are the most useful things for a mage.
-Beginners should not use mage, as you need a lot of skill points to be effective with one.
-When the castle is being overrun, heal the CASTLE, not players. If the players die they can be revived in the morning. But if the castle falls it's game over.
-The mage(who should be at least lvl 10) should go on one side while the warrior and ranger go on the other. The mage can easily defend itself, but the warrior and ranger by themselves are usually useless.
-Rangers should put points into Frenzy, attack speed and especially mana. Having Frenzy fully leveled up is extremely useful with high attack speed, and having high mana allows for using it more than once.
-If one person quits, the other two may as well do the same. It's basically impossible to get to a high wave with only two players.

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