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If you were a video game character, who would you be?

Posted Dec 7, '12 at 11:38am



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connor kenway from assassin's creed


Posted Dec 7, '12 at 6:17pm



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Connor Kenway
Ezio Auditore
Nathan Drake
A Dragonborn
Vito Scaletta

Yeah, I'd have more, but I don't wanna flood the page lol


Posted Dec 7, '12 at 8:21pm



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Sora, from KH2
Roxas, from KH2.
Master Chief, know.
Arbiter, from Halo
Pokemon Trainer, from said name.

And...that's about it. If it was TV shows, I would probably flood this page XD


Posted Dec 24, '12 at 3:02pm



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Posted Dec 24, '12 at 3:22pm



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Here is my very long list:

Master Chief, Halo Series: He's basically invincible and somehow when he picks up alien weapons he automatically knows how to use them almost.

The Trainer, Pokemon Series: Why? He gets to go on an awesome journey around the region he lives in.

Crono (Or how ever you spell it), Chrono Trigger: Think about it, he has the power of lightning, and he goes on an epic journey through time to save the world.

The Dragonborn, Skyrim: Well you're basically a guy who can shout people to death and you save the world.

Captain Keys, Halo Series: I haven't played Halo 2 so I don't actually know if he dies a horrible death, but he's the captain of a SPACE SHIP!

Dante, Devil May Cry: Think about it

Nico Bellic (Don't know if I'm spelling it right.), Grand Theft Auto IV: He does tons of awesome stuff all the time.

Rico Rodriguez, Just Cause Series: Well he goes on awesome missions for some agency.

Steve, Minecraft: He can punch down trees! He must be strong.

Chris Redfield, Resident Evil: He's just awesome, I don't think anyone else has mentioned him.


Posted Dec 25, '12 at 12:34am



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I would be:
Link: Really cool guy with all sorts of weapons.
Lego guy: You know people from the lego games? Man I'd be unbeatable.
Call of Duty soldier: What can I say I'm a fan.
Sackboy: Just a cool game pretty much it.
Mario: A well known guy in the videogame world.


Posted Dec 26, '12 at 10:23pm



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steve like joejoero


Posted Dec 26, '12 at 11:23pm



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I would wanna be The dragonborn, Although id probably take over the kingdom of skyrim lol.


Posted Jan 3, '13 at 2:38pm



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These are not in order!

1. DragonBorn (FUS-RO-DAH)
2. Pokemon Trainer (i wanna be the very best...)
3. Death (Darksiders 2, absolute legend)
4. Sora (Kingdom Hearts, he gets of  with Keira lol)
5. Slenderman (scaring the sh*t outta little kiddies, then wetting myself laughing behind a tree after)
6. That one dude. Whats his name. Drake from Unmapped or whatever.... Uncharted... yeah him.


Posted Jan 3, '13 at 4:08pm



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Fancy Pants, you know who it is

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