Yeah basically I've been writing a story. I thought you might like it if you like fantasy so enjoy. Just so you know I've copied and pasted this from my Microsoft word document. if anything looks messed up, sorry for the inconvenience.

The chronicles of Soumas

   The Tomb in the Forest

                                   Chapter one
                            Let Me Tell You a Tale

It was down poring one evening at a city called Sefoun, located at the edges of the Kuantous Empire. The citizens had gathered inside the taverns and stores hoping the rain will cease if they wait. Three cloaked figures were rushing for shelter soon finding themselves in a tavern called “The Wild Boar”. The tavern was filled with various races hiding from the rain. The three companions looked around hoping to see the man they were supposed to meet in the city of Sefoun, but failed.
One of the hooded figures, supposedly the leader, sighed and said, “Guys. I think we should all rest. No point in searching for Kurk while it’s raining like there’s no tomorrow.” 
The companions made their way toward the fire which was crowded enough as it was. They came as close as possible to the hearth, feeling enough warmth to dry themselves. While they were warming themselves, one of the hooded figures with a young woman’s voice said, “Where could he be? We’ve searched half the city and we still haven’t found him.”
Another hooded spoke, “Yeah, I got that feeling that we’re so close sometimes and yet we haven’t caught a trace of that adventurer.”
“yeah,” said the leader, “It’s as if he was right next door.”
    Meanwhile, on the other side of the Wild Boar, There was another tavern called Drunken Rabbit. Inside there was a man named Kurk patiently waiting for some old friends. He sat by a counter drinking a bottle full of mead listening to an old man telling tales of his adventures when he was young.
“And that, my dear friends, is how I escaped the accursed dungeon!”  Said the old man.
“Ah a good tale indeed!” Said Kurk, “If you don’t mind I would like to tell you about my latest adventure.”
“Oh no, do please tell us.” The old man said, “It’s good to hear about another mans adventure.”
“Splendid, splendid.” Kurk took another gulp of his mead, “Now then, where should I start?”

Let me tell you a tale kind sir, about a tomb I had once visited in the forest of Neldiir. I was traveling to the forest of Neldiir as I heard news that it was infested with trolls and goblins. It is said that the goblins are protecting a vast amount of treasure in caves hidden throughout the forest. Before I travelled to that infested area, I had bought me some new weapons and armor after I plundered a dungeon infested with the undead. Now, these are the best weapons and armor that only a noble could afford. The armor was made of pure ebony, as black as the night sky, it had the symbol of an ancient dragon on my chest plate and my helmet was made to look like a dragon.  As for my weapons, they were a rare type of metal fallen from the sky, oh yes the most expensive weapons you could ever have, the weapons seemed to radiate a strange kind of power but, it wasn’t magic. I don’t really know what it was, but I was eager to find out what the bow and sword could do. The sword was beautifully handcrafted by one of the best blacksmiths in the Kuantous Empire; it was crafted to appear as if it were a dragon’s tail. The bow was also made for the appearance of a dragon. I tell you sir I have a thing for dragons; they always fascinated me, which is why they all have a dragon theme. So, I planned on testing my new armor and weapons on the vile beasts that roamed Neldiir; and sir, I tell you they were amazing. But let’s not go too far in the story first let me tell you How I arrived.
I traveled on my steed to the village of Nelgir, a farmland, as it is the closest to that vermin infested forest. Despite how close they were to the forest, they couldn’t gather wood or hunt deer as the forest was considered holy and they couldn’t afford to buy wood elsewhere. So these people lived in huts made out of sticks and clay, and they’re roofs were made out of hay. Because of this, they often have a plague in their little village so travelers usually stay away from there. It was pitiful. Now adventurers have all flocked over to the Nelgir village. Often they would buy food from these poor farmers which helped these people immensely.  I didn’t think, however, that it would become a city in just a few months. By the time I arrived, the place was completely different from what I believed it to be; the huts had been torn down and replaced with wooden homes, and most were even made of stone. A few taverns and shops and blacksmith forges had been recently built, inns and stables stood proudly. The townspeople were also building walls to protect their city. Overwhelming it was!  The Nelgir village had become a city!
    There were more wayfaring adventurers seeking treasure than I had previously thought there would be. Many were of different race: humans, orcs, elves, dwarves, those half man half dragons called draconian, and that race called the vornausai, and many more races. What’s that? You don’t know what they are? Well that’s understandable since you live in a very isolated village. These vornausai are black as night, but their faces are like silver with four pitch black eyes; they have wings that are twice the size of their body, their hands are like claws, they are bigger than the average man, and are supposed to be very powerful when it comes to fighting and are said to be way ahead of our time but they don’t share it with us nor do they present it. Mostly they are selfish and think they are greater than others so they keep themselves isolated, but when you see one away from his home he or she usually thinks differently than any of their race. Although vornausai who are against the other vornausai’s views are usually stripped of their more advanced technology and are banished. 
Now back to my story. Most of the stables were full accept for one, I saw a man with rich clothing stand proudly next to the stables. As I approached the stables I saw an elf sneaking behind the proud looking man. When he was close enough he snatched his coin purse.
“Thief!” I cried, but the elf had already escaped using an invisibility spell. What surprised me is that the victim didn’t seem to be phased by this predicament at all. He just waved at him. “How can you show happiness when you have just been robbed?” I asked shocked.
The man Smiled at me and said, “It is fine if he were to steal from me, for that was only a portion of what I had. I have most of my gold Kuantous in a heavily guarded bank nearby anyhow. Every day when I go to count the amount of money I had gained from these stables I say, hello emperor Kuantous, hello emperor Kuantous.”
“Right,” I said, “Do you also let them steal horses from the stables?”
The man chuckled, “No sir! We make sure our customer’s horses are kept safe. Now then, just hand over your horse sir and I will have him watered and fed.”
I hesitantly handed over my white and brown paint palfrey horse to him, “Now you take good care of my horse, I paid good money for her.”
“Of course sir, of course, she will be treated of the upmost care. What was your name?”
“Kurk Wale. How much for your service?”
“It depends on how long you are going to keep her here. One day would cost ten gold kuantous and ten days would cost one hundred.”
“Well I’ll be back for her in two days. Do you know any good places to sleep?”
The man pointed behind me, “New Life INN, the best place to sleep around here. They also serve food fit for a rich man such as you.”
I raised my eyebrows at him, although it’s hard to see through my helmet. “And how, may I ask, do you know if I am a rich man?”
The stable owner chuckled, “Unless you’re a thief I would consider a man wearing armor like that very rich. Now move along, I need to get your horse rested and fed before you use her.”
I left the man to care for my horse and went straight to the taverns. Unfortunately, the taverns were so crowded I could barely even fit my foot into the room, so I went straight for New Life INN.  The inn looked… expensive, It seemed like I had entered a place made for a king.  I suppose I should have asked that man where the cheapest place to stay was. I shrugged, I still had a good amount of money left after the purchase of my new armor.
At the check-in, I saw a rather plump looking person, with dirty clothing and an unshaven face, being asked for his money upfront.
“You don’t trust me?” the man asked.
“We are just being cautious sir.” Said the clerk, “The fact that you are wearing rags and are dirty makes me want to be cautious.”
Grumbling, the man hesitantly paid his fee to the clerk. They both didn’t say a word which gave an awkward silence. Finally it was my turn to register myself a room. The clerk seemed to give me a much brighter tone when he spoke.
“ah Good evening sir!” he smiled as I signed myself in, “Please, enjoy your stay!”
“Now hold on a minute!” said the ragged looking man, “How come he doesn’t have to pay?”
The clerk chuckled, “You sir are wearing rags while this man is wearing expensive armor. I’m sure I can trust him to pay on his way out.”
I felt sorry for the man in rags; it’s not always true that you can’t trust a man like that. But it is true that I would be careful to have a man like that pay first. I watched the man enter his room numbered 12 looking hurt. Who wouldn’t feel bad when someone would believe you to be a thief? I sighed as I took my room key. It seemed I would be next door to him, room 13. As I entered my room, I saw things made for adventurers: sword rack, armor rack, some things to polish my weapons and armor, and other thing-ma-jigs that would be useful. I noticed they didn’t have anything to hold my bow however. They had everything I needed to place my things, but they didn’t have anything for my bow. I sighed again and carefully placed my weapons and armor on the appropriate places (I put my bow and arrows on the floor, how careless of me). As I was setting my other things in their appropriate places I accidently bumped an armor display holding a war hammer. This war hammer managed to get lose and embarrassingly, it fell on my head.  I passed out onto the bed sleeping soundly through the night.