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A Test

Posted May 5, '12 at 1:24am



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Well, don't go off minding me I'm just here to do a quick test. We all know that C/P from Word Processors (Like Microsoft Word) to AG forums adds weird symbols.

I realized that it only changed quotation marks, so I am here to do a quick test.

This is Copy Pasted:

"Hmmâ¦" he let out as if he was observing me keenly. "Well everyone here thinks Mizuki is noisy, so you shouldn't really hold yourself back."

"Well I did notice how he seemed to be energetic all the time." I only managed to give out this reply, as if I had nothing better to say.

He let out a sigh. "Well bell's about to ring so you should go finish your food." Standing up with tray on hand, he walks away from the table.

Pausing for a second, he turned his face towards me.

"My sister's off limits."

After Lunch, I returned back to the room, where I was completely thrown off guard by a flying history book. "DUCK!" the girl who threw the book said.

Her warning was already too late, as I found myself already ducking out of reflex. As I turned my head to look at the book, I saw Mizuki, half-conscious, leaning on the wall.

"Are you ok?" the girl I met earlier asked me, as she pulled me up. I brushed off my uniform with my hand as I told her I was alright.

"Well Thank Goodne-"

I can't preview a post, but if that has quotation marks after I post it, then I can tell you that if Copy Pasting, just use dumb quotes (also known as Straight quotes). You can look for it in your favorite word processor's setting.

But if that block of text has weird symbols, then, nice try...

Posted May 5, '12 at 1:26am



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Yay! Rejoice, I can now use something else than Notepad to type my stories

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