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-Chapter One-

I was on the beach, sitting on the sand in my skirt and my cloth shirt. The waves touched me softly and pulled me in closer as it drew back. I was sitting on small seashells when my mother called. "Mia! Mia!" Our dog Tres came running to lick my face. I stood to feel the warm foam on my feet. "Mia get over here, its going to storm!" Said Mami.
My tanned skin felt burned under the sun, one cloud was in the sky my eyes sparkled with confusion. "But Mami, its almost cloudless!" I say softly. Just then, Papi was coming home, from work, a construction worker.

My family lived off the coast of Puerto Rico,It was almost always sunny. But the cloud in the sky was grayish black. "Mami please, just afew minutes?" I begged. "Fine, Be back by supper." She and Papi went to take care of Miguel, Mannuel, and Antonio. "Juan you have to tell her to stay away from the ocean and try to help around the house!" Mami said. "Adia, I know, she is an adventurous 16 year old." And they walked off.

I stood there, with Tres, Mannuel named him for what looked like a three on his back. I started to dig with my feet, and then with my hands. I soon found a small red shell. I put it in a pocket in my shirt, then kept digging. I found a crawfish nest, and took out a large baby. It wriggled and squirmed in my hands, so I decicded to put it in a bucket, along with the rest of them. And then went home.

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its a shame its such a short chapter

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