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"OvC" Song Battle # 16 : Immigrant Song (Page 19)

Posted Mar 8, '13 at 9:33am



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I think this may be the first cover battle posted in which I don't know the song at all.

The Listen:
Fleetwood Mac - It's weird how much early Fleetwood Mac sounds nothing like later Fleetwood Mac. I really do like Peter Green. And since he inspired Gary Moore, two thumbs up. This song, I'd give it a listen on the radio, but I wouldn't go out of my way to obtain it, although I may have it. I have a couple of early Mac cd's.

Judas Priest - Pretty good cover. I like what they've done with it. As I said, it's weird trying to compare them since I don't know the song at all. Just got to the guitar solo, now that I really like.

Arthur Brown - Never heard of this guy. This one I don't really care for. It seems to combine Mac's vocals with Priest's music. Just a weird combination.

Therion - I think I've heard of them, but could tell you absolutely nothing about them. First impression - Megadeth cover band? I do like the music in this song, but don't care for the vocals in this case.

The Vote:

4) Arthur Brown - I just don't think the song comes together in this version.

3) Therion - Really do like the music (very Megadeth-y). Don't really care for the vocals so much (very Megadeth-y).

2) Fleetwood Mac - I do like this version, but it seems to almost sap energy from me somehow. I don't mind these kind of songs, but this just doesn't seem to fit the groove for me.

1) Judas Priest - Never thought I'd vote for them in anything as I'm hardly a fan, but I do like their version of this song the best. Nothing wow and amazing, but just well done.

So my vote - Judas Priest.


Posted Mar 10, '13 at 2:27pm



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Well, I didn't know this song at all and, also, half of the artists of this round. Besides, I have to say that this song really gives me bad vibrations. It's definitely not a song I can listen to many times.

I think Judas Priest's cover is okay, though I'm not a fan of the singer's voice because I don't think it fits this kind of song quite well. However, it sounds like any other rock song (no offence). There is nothing, in my opinion, that makes this cover stand out from the rest. It's just okay.

What I like the most about Therion's cover is the guitar sound. It is pretty good. They made this song much more upbeat, so they somehow erased the strange atmosphere that the original song has.

Arthur Brown did a good job with this song, as his cover is quite peculiar. I really enjoy the musical part, especially the saxophone (which I never expected to see in a song like this, to be honest). Though the way he sings may be a bit theatrical, I think his voice really suits this song.

And finally the original, which has an incredibly spooky vibe like none of the above. It scares me for some reason. Maybe because of the guitars or the way it is sung or both, I don't know. So that's the main reason why I'm voting for it, because it's been quite a long time since a song has made me felt this way. Maybe this isn't the most solid reasoning, but it's the only one I have.

So my vote goes to Fleetwood Mac.


Posted Mar 11, '13 at 4:37am



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I'm going to be honest, I didn't really care much for any version of the song.

The original version by Fleetwood Mac was a bit too psychedelic for my tastes. It seemed as if it focused too much on the weird psychedelic vibes it was trying to put out there rather than the music itself, which reflected upon the poor quality of the song. Arthur Brown's version was a tribute to Peter Green, so of course it sounded similar to the original version.

If I had to choose one, I would have to go with Judas Priest because they gave it a more upbeat, solid feel that the original version lacked. It actually sounded somewhat professional and not just like a bunch of guys in their garage jamming almost indefinitely. Therion, who based their cover off the Priest version rather than the original, also did a fine job, but the voice was a bit over the top and it sounded like they were just trying to dramatize the Priest version. Still would be my second choice, if I had to pick one.


Posted Mar 11, '13 at 9:01am



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Ok, since we're on the second page for this battle, I'll add a tally so that others can see the competitors. For those that need samples to rate the songs, they can be found on page 18 of this thread.

So the totals for this battle so far:

Judas Priest - 2
Fleetwood Mac - 1
Arthur Brown - 0
Therion - 0

Bring in the votes people!


Posted Mar 19, '13 at 8:59am



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oke, let's see what this round brings.
ive never heard of the band or the song in general. so i'll gonna type while listening. this might end up really wierd. but i'm gonna try it.

Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac

it has a nice and simple intro and a great (old) sound.
the voice is also great. a little bit of the same tho. if this is how he sings all his songs then i think i can't listen to more then just a few tracks befor wanting to change it.

this sounds like a great song to put on while cruising on a empty highway in the middle of the night. (added to fav. list ^^)

Judas Priest

they brought allot more rock to the song and the intro seems less of the same. the old sound has been changed to better quality. wich is both a + and a - .
the voice sounds good whit the rest of the song and the added guitar solo's gives it a extra taste.
it's less cruising material then the original but still good enough to put on once in a while.

Arthur Brown

au! he ***** the intro badly. didn't saw that comming.
the instruments do there best to make it sound good and sometimes they do so. but then this guy is singing and the instruments almost stop? =S
why is that? it this voice that i really dont like. he try's to hard it seems.
where is the trashcan?


a cover-cover. =S oke let's try it.

the intro seems gone from the original. they start whit the 2nd part.
but the guitars sound good aswell as the voice. nothing special really. there are hundreds of these kinda songs out there. the guitar solo however is much better then those of the others. it's a nice song to play once in a while for sure. but not really more then that.

i find it kinda hard to compare Therion whit the original. there barely is anything left of the song. (except the lyrics maybe, i didn't listen to that)
so for those 2 i have to just decide what kind of song do i like more. and normally it would be the cover-cover. but this original is such a great cruising song that i favor it more then the metal.

Arthur Brown go's bottom line but i think you all would have guessed that already. =P

judas priest and therion was better to compare whit eatch other. i find that singing in general comes much more naturally for judas priest. and he kept the original song more in tact then therion did. therefor he go's above therion.

now only the last is left and that judas priest and Fleetwood Mac.also.
normally i would choose for the metal/rock. but not today.

1. Fleetwood Mac
2. Judas Priest
3. Therion
40. Arthur Brown

Posted Mar 19, '13 at 9:16am



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now only the last is left and that judas priest and Fleetwood Mac.also.
normally i would choose for the metal/rock. but not today.

now only the last is left and that judas priest and Fleetwood Mac
it's also like whit therion.
normally i would choose for the metal/rock. but not today.

Posted Jan 17, '14 at 2:45pm



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DayCee or ilberic is one of you guys gonna bring this thread back? Or is it long lost


Posted Feb 20, '14 at 10:25am



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I was cleaning up a bit and what did I find hidden somewhere in a dark corner...?!

The "OvC" thread!! Time to dust it off and present a new battle to the music loving users of the Armor Games Community!! =)

First to tie up a loose end... the score for the last battle held:

Final Score Battle # 15: Green Manalishi (With the Two Prong Crown)

2 - Fleetwood Mac (Original) - Tied for First!
2 - Judas Priest (Cover) - Tied for First!

0 - Therion (Cover)
0 - Arthur Brown (Cover)


Now, on with the next battle -yes it has been a while- in this voting competition! Presenting:

Battle # 16 : Immigrant Song

And of course, some examples to help you choose your winner in this battle :

~ Led Zeppelin (Original - 1970 - LIVE)
~ Adagio (Cover - 2001 - Instrumental)
~ Tomoyashu Hotei (Cover - 2004)
~ Demons & Wizards (Cover - 2005)
~ Ann Wilson (Cover - 2007)
~ Stryper (Cover - 2011)

There were more covers out there, a whole lot of them, even from Nirvana and Queen! But those two were of such poor quality, I decided to leave them out of this round... I bet you would come to alter your thoughts about these bands if you were to hear such bad recordings...

Allright! On with the show!! Y'all ready?!

On we sweep with, with threshing oar...
Our only goal will be to ... RING THAT BELL!!



Posted Feb 21, '14 at 7:46pm



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I was going to vote for the original, until I heard Ann Wilson's cover. Truly beautiful. It had that Magic Man-esque haunting feel to it, and Magic Man being one of my favorite songs of any era, it would have been hard not to vote for that voice.

As far as honorable mentions that have not yet been mentioned go, this song isn't quite a cover, but I felt it was still relevant to the battle.

Also, listening to all these covers made me realize Led Zeppelin totally ripped off the Get Smart theme.


Posted Feb 21, '14 at 8:01pm



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The original, for sure.
Accidently i knew two of the cover versions and they never reach the original...
I know the other three performers/bands, and this make one thing clear for me: there is no need to hear their versions...^^

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