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"OvC" Song Battle # 16 : Immigrant Song (Page 19)

Posted Oct 23, '12 at 11:06am



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Simply for the fact that this battle deserves it, I'll give my vote to David Garrett and his great version of the original MJ song! I stumbled upon his version when looking for covers and listened to it completely up to the end! A wonderful interpretation of an MJ classic! =)

And with my personal vote in, this battle has ended in a tie! And that's a deserving ending for it!

5 - Michael Jackson (Original version)
5 - Alien Ant Farm (Cover version)
5 - David Garrett (Cover version)


On with the next one!

Battle # 11 : Roll Over Beethoven (Suggested by waluigi, thanx!)

Now here's an interesting battle... this song is vibrant, alive and kicking, pounding and grounding your ears when you hear it! But the big question is... which artist/band made the best version?! Each have their own feel to it, but the core of the song stays alive with every single one of them! You decide... poster please!

Original and Cover version information :

- Chuck Berry (Original version - 1956)
- The Beatles (Cover version - 1963)
- Electric Light Orchestra (Cover version - 1973)
- Status Quo (Cover Version - 2000)

Now get a'votin'! Roll over and listen! Ring that bell!


Posted Oct 23, '12 at 11:58am



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My vote goes to The ELO version, although rather unfairly because that hair is just too awesome. I also think they did a fantastic version.

In fact, all the versions are good. None of them have the chuck berry attitude but hey, no-ones perfect.

In order and a short explanation for each

4:Beetles version. It sounds good, but I dont feel the rock vibe here, more like a boy band of its day cover.

3:Status Quo. Good ol rockers, they know how to do it and pull it off well.

2:Chuck Berry. Its got that old sound and old rock and roll vibe, fantastic. Would have won by a country mile but...

1:Electric Light Orchestra. I was blown away by how much rock they put in considering they are using some classical instruments. Its a little less rocky than number 2 or 3, but thats cause its from the 70's and everyone was smashed.



Posted Oct 24, '12 at 11:21am



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Here's my listen:

Chuck Berry - this was a very poor quality video.. but luckily I know the song well as I have the Great 28 Cd. I've always liked this song, though I wouldn't call it a favorite.

The Beatles - This is a much better video. I like the way the words sound better here, but the guitar just doesn't match up to Berry's version.. Overall a very good remake.

ELO - Very cool cover. I like the orchestral intro to it. I also like the violin solo in place of the guitar solo. I think it makes a lot a sense given the lyrics. I don't care for the singing here though. The quality of the video again isn't great, so I have a feeling I'm missing something because it sounds kind of muddled.

Status Quo - (guessing this isn't going to be the rapper in Shady's "stable") - Good cover, nothing exciting. I don't know what else I can add to this one. Video quality was good though!

Ok, the results are in:

4 - Status Quo - Just didn't seem to really do anything with it except play it (and play it well).

3 - The Beatles - I like the sound of the lyrics, but the music didn't really excite me all the much (and that's what I want, bottom line) They go ahead of Status Quo because it just sounded a little different. It sounded, uh, Beatle-ish.

2 - ELO - If the sound was better they would have had a chance to make this a tougher decision, but alas no. I dig what they did with the violin and cello. The singing wasn't fantastic though.

which means the winner is:

1 - Chuck Berry - Though not based on this video. I just like Berry's guitar work and that's always my go to instrument when I'm listening to music. Break out a great guitar solo and you got me hooked every time.

now, if you'll excuse me Beethoven has to take a seat because Johnny B. Goode is going on the stereo!


Posted Oct 24, '12 at 4:45pm



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I have to give my vote to Chuck Berry. The other three were good but in their time they were nothing special. They also don't sound much different from one another, while Chuck Berry's sound is unmistakable.


Posted Oct 24, '12 at 8:06pm



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I, as always, must give this to the original.

4. The Beatles.
The guitar, along with every other version, was well done, although it doesn't seem possible to get wrong. What I didn't like was the British accent, it didn't go along with the song and made the chorus sound slurred.

3. Electric Lights Orchestra.
The voice was too low for the sound of the song.

2. Status Quo.
The voice was also too low on this song also, but less so, but what really put this under was that the chorus sounded a bit slurred, as with the Beatles' version.

1.Chuck berry.
As always, the original nailed it. The guitar combined with his voice had the good ol' classic rock feel.


Posted Oct 25, '12 at 5:28pm



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I think Chuck Berry has earned a huge cooky for this song and for making probably the best version out of it, speaking in terms of classic Rock'n'Roll. Great guitar work, phantastic voice, and awesome performance on stage.

The Beatles... argh, I'm usually a huge fan of them, but this song here, makes them sound more like what they looked like in the video - a group of youngsters performing their good but cute version of the song. Why...

Status Quo has a fitting name. They always make good Rock'n'Roll music, it's always a pleasure to listen to - but they don't do much progress past that, they don't have something really special about them. Just plain good music.

ELO is the shooting star here imo. I still prefer the original as a piece of good ol' Rock'n'Roll, but ELO not only made a great cover, they also adapted it and gave it their own personal touch without mucking up the original at all. Epic classical intro, epic guitar intro, epic violin solo - they also get points for actually using a classical instrument (even two) for their song as reference to Beethoven.

There are a few passages I'd change in the ELO version, but in general I like what they did with the song. Had they had Chuck Berry to sing the lyrics and dance on the stage, it would have been awesome.

Therefore I vote ELO.


Posted Oct 27, '12 at 6:15pm



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I heard all the versions and frankly I find the original just so much better. In my book there's simply no competition. Chuck Berry's guitar solos on this song are absolutely amazing! The original is totally timeless and has an incredible, contagious energy. It's pretty simple and almost economical yet so powerful! I love it.

My vote goes to Chuck Berry.


Posted Oct 30, '12 at 11:39am



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as much as i liked the song of the last round. that much i dislike this song.

4th place. the original: i think it is the recording quality that i disliked most. i couldn't even understand the words "roll over beethoven"
3th place. the beatles: the recording was allot better but the song didn't improve much.
2nd place. status quo: the brought a great rock sound to it. something a can appreciate allot.
1st place, ELO: actually couldn't a choose between them and status quo. but i love the hair and sunglasses in the video and ofcourse that cape of the other dude. so they basically won by looks xD

but non of them scored higher then a 5.5 out of 10 for me.


Posted Oct 30, '12 at 5:18pm



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I liked every version about equally, which is very rare in a situation like this considering that all four versions are from different eras. My vote goes to the original, though, because it had the same energy as the later versions but at an earlier time when that energy was harder to come by.


Posted Nov 3, '12 at 1:50pm



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This is the first time I've enjoyed all the versions. I think it's rather strange because, as Armpit says, the songs are from different musical periods.

The Beatles did a good cover and their voices harmonize well together. However, for me it's too mellow (sorry if that isn't the right word, the dictionary isn't helping me...). It lacks the energy that the original has.

What I like about ELO's cover is the fact they added a string trio, which obviously fits very well with the name of the song. I really like that mix of musical styles. The violinist is great, the solo is amazing... and the his suit is lovely.

Status Quo's cover has a great sound. The vocals are also nice and really suit this rock'n'roll song.

Although the other versions are pretty good, for me the original wins this time. The energetic spirit of this song is extraordinary and the guitar sound is mind-blowing. Chuck Berry's songs always cheer me up, no matter if I'm in a really bad mood. Probably, the quality of the audio/video isn't great. Honestly, that didn't make me enjoy this song less.

Therefore, my vote goes to the original: Chuck Berry.

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