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Glad to see all the Charizard lovers out there. Although my favorite to use is probably Salamence. She just obliterates everything with an outrage!


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go squirtle


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Eevee is my favorite pokemon!


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Glad to see all the Charizard lovers out there. Although my favorite to use is probably Salamence. She just obliterates everything with an outrage!

I like Salamence. But I prefer Dragonite. Dragonite is like a legendary. And it's a beast.

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mewtwo or rayquaza


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I'm not a fan of the newer generations of Pokemon. Although I liked the second generation of Pokemon (except for Elekid), my list will only include Pokemon from the first generation. It's not that the second generation of Pokemon were bad, it just so happens that most of my favorite Pokemon remain first generation Pokemon. So here it is, my top 5 favorite Pokemon.


For the longest time, my favorite fire Pokemon was Arcanine. However, Growlith was exclusive to the Red version, so I was never able to obtain one on my Blue version. Instead, I was only able to catch a Vulpix, exclusive to Blue and Yellow versions. Because of this, I often went without a fire Pokemon on my team.

It wasn't until later when I replayed the Blue version that my appreciation for Ninetails began to grow. Arcanine looks pretty bad ***, but something about Ninetails comes off as very majestic. Eventually Ninetails made it onto my team, where my appreciation for it continued to grow all the way to the number 5. spot on this list.


Gyarados is the most awesome dragon Pokemon ever created. What's that? Gyarados is a Water/Flying type? Why in the world is Gyarados part flying?!

Despite having a water typed Blastoise already in my party, I would always clear a spot for Gyarados. Not only could Gyarados use powerful water attacks, it could also use devastating physical attacks as well. Just don't put Gyarados up against a pikachu, he's a real wimp against electricity.

The developers of Pokemon were pretty smart. They knew Gyarados was an insanely bad *** Pokemon, and they wanted to make sure he wasn't so easy to obtain. So there's a catch, you can have your Gyarados, but you have to raise it from a worthless, pathetic, Magikarp.

Not only did the developers make it hard to raise a Gyarados, they actually give you the option to buy a Magikarp soon after you obtain your first badge! They're practically daring you to put up with Magikarp's worthlessness.

The developers would find other ways to make a few other powerhouse Pokemon harder to obtain. Today, it isn't very hard to obtain and raise these Pokemon, but as a kid, it presented a fair challenge.


Before "Dark" Pokemon were introduced, Psychics ruled the game. Alakazam is the second most powerful Pokemon in the game in terms of pure offensive power. Alakazam has a very high speed, and a very high special attack. He can nearly one hit K.O. any Pokemon before they can even blink. Alakazam has a very low defense though, and he can be taken out very easily with physical attacks, but good luck getting an attack in, it's nearly impossible! Alakazam is definitely an over powered Pokemon. In fact, his previous form, Kadabra, is already powerful enough! Using a Kadabra in a battle is an easy victory. Using an Alakazam, that's just overkill.

Despite how OP Alakazam is, he's definitely one of my favorite's. The spoons he holds is a bit tacky, but that's completely overshadowed by how awesome looking Alakazam is. The whole Abra family looks great.

Earlier, I talked about how the developers found ways to make powerhouse Pokemon hard to obtain. Alakazam is another one of these Pokemon. Like Gyrados, Kadabra (not necisarily Alakazam) can be obtained early in the game. The catch, however, is that you have to try to capture an Abra.

Abra can only be caught in Routes 24 and 25, where there are only a few small patches of easily avoidable grass. Unless you know where to look, Abra can be very easy to miss. After finding Abra, he'll teleport as soon as he gets the opportunity! Luckily, you can often capture him right away using a Pokeball without doing any damage, but most kids don't know this, so they waste their time leveling up a Pokemon so they can put Abra to sleep before it teleports.

Abra, like Magikarp, only knows one useless move, teleport. Luckily, you catch him around level 10, and he evolves and learns confusion at level 16. He's not hard to train, and if you insist, you can actually teach him some TM attacks so he can fend off foes himself.

But the trouble isn't just witch catching an Abra. You have to trade Kadabra through a link cable for him to evolve. If you don't have access to a second Gameboy, a second Pokemon game, and a link cable, then you're stuck with Kadabra. Luckily, Kadabra is still one of the most powerful Pokemon in the game!


Nidoking is bad ***. He's armored head to toe and covered in spikes. What more can I say?

Nidoking isn't the most powerful Pokemon, but he is surprisingly versatile. You can teach him Earthquake, another powerful physical attack, and a range of elemental attacks. If your Nidoking is fast enough, he can even surprise water Pokemon with a powerful Thunderbolt!

Nidoking is very easy to obtain. All you need to do is catch a Nidoran(m) in Route 22, which is accessible near the start of the game! Not only that, but you find moonstone right around the time Nidoran(m) evolves into Nidorino. If you really wanted to, you could have a Nidoking before reaching level 20!


Mewtwo is the most powerful Pokemon in the game. He's often portrayed as a villain and rivals the legendary Mew. Not only is Mewtwo awesome, but his background is amazing as well, albeit, sad.

Scientists find the DNA of an ancient Pokemon known as Mew. They decide to use that DNA to create the ultimate Pokemon. They were successful. Despite their success in creating Mewtwo, they failed to contain him. He escaped, blowing up the lab and going into hiding. But that's not all! There's more to the story than just that.

I remember when the first Pokemon movie was announced. I was so excited. I was there the opening day and the movie was amazing. It had this very dark and eerie tone to it and although it was tacky at times, it was overall a solid movie.

...About 10 years later, I discovered something. I never watched the whole movie! The theatrical release of the movie omitted the prologue, which delves deeper into Mewtwo's origin. It gets pretty deep.

Click here and watch it for yourself. This segment, alone, will forever change the way you look at Mewtwo. It's a bit tacky, but the tackiness is overshadowed by the serious theme.

Mewtwo was yet another Pokemon that was fairly "difficult" to obtain. The only way you could obtain Mewtwo was to go through this tedious cave and capture him AFTER defeating the Elite Four. The only problem is, every kid who defeated the Elite Four had a Mewtwo. I wish it was harder to find Mewtwo. Maybe they should have made it so you had to capture all the legendary birds first (or at least battle them)? I don't care what they did, I just wish it was a little less straight forward. But, that's a relatively small complaint.

Mewtwo is powerful, looks awesome, has a deep and dark background, and is a boss. That is why Mewtwo is my number one favorite Pokemon.


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Electivire all the way !! then ryphierer (i speeld it wrong i know lol and 3rd is magmortar !


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i like spiritomb because he has no weakness at all!


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SCEPTILE's leaf blade is soo **** cool
and also CHARIZARD king of pokemons!!!

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