We calculated the games that had the most players this year. Who do you think is #1?
Hordes of monsters surging forward in single-file, with only you and your building powers to destroy them.
The second best part about Halloween (besides loads of candy) is getting spooked by your favorite scary games and movies.
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Don't Play These in the Dark

The weekend of ghouls and ghosties are upon us! Scare yourself silly with these 5 frightening games and earn a Quest.

Halloween, Scary, Spooky
Dead Zone Halloween Event

Halloween has come to The Last Stand: Dead Zone, so grab your gun and get in on the spooky seasonal action.

ConArtists, Dead Zone, Halloween
Caribbean Admiral 2 Beta

Another Beta Friday is upon us, we have launched “Caribbean Admiral 2” early as a Beta for AFG+ Members. Set sail!

Beta, Caribbean Admiral
Clicker Heroes 3 Million Plays

Kill monsters, collect gold, upgrade heroes, and explore new worlds in this epic click-tastic adventure!

ClickClick, Clicker Heroes
Sentry Knight 2 Launched

Journey through 3 continents packed with baddies and Quests this sequel to the smash-hit “Sentry Knight”.

Sentry Knight, Sentry Knight 2
Gemini Strike Contest [Winners]

Thanks to everybody who entered the clone contest! The winners have been picked, check inside to see them…

Gemini Strike, Krin
Gemini Strike #1 on iTunes

Blast your way through enemy ships, evade fiery asteroids, sneak through blockades and face off against epic bosses

Gemini Strike, Krin, Sinjid, Sonny
Win Pirate Gold

Until Aug 29th any player that completes the “Down the Barrel” campaign may win gold in Battle Pirates!

Battle Pirates, Contest, KIXEYE
Battle Pirates Launched

Build an island fortress, customize deadly ships, and rule the high seas in the most epic MMORTS.

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