Hordes of monsters surging forward in single-file, with only you and your building powers to destroy them.
The second best part about Halloween (besides loads of candy) is getting spooked by your favorite scary games and movies.
There is a new furry friend for you to adopt. Sushi cat loves you already. Meow!
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More Crush the Castle Adventures

Played all the classic levels of Crush the Castle Adventures? Crush the rock people party at Bubbling Burrows.

Crush the Castle: Adventures, Levels
Icarus Needs Walkthrough

Need some help escaping the clutches of the King of Squirrels in Icarus Needs? Check out this helpful guide!

Icarus Needs, Taior3, Walkthrough
Kingdom Rush Free for iOS

We’ve partnered with IGN to give out free copies of the classic Kingdom Rush for your iPhone and iPad.

Free, iOS, Kingdom Rush
Cursed Treasure 2 Update

Prepare to fight drunk pirates, angry monkeys and peckish parrots in three new levels for Cursed Treasure 2.

Cursed Treasure 2, IriySoft, Levels
Gun Game 2 Quests

New Quests are now available for Gun Game 2, so lock and load your gun and prepare to polish up on that aim, soldier!

Gun Game 2, Quests, Shooter
Pretentious Game 3 Walkthrough

Need some help guiding married little block across the many levels of Pretentious Game 3? This guide will help!

Pretentious 3, Puzzle, Walkthrough
Joey Betz on Reddit IAmA

Ask Crush the Castle, Phage Wars, Demolition City & Sushi Cat creator Joey Betz absolutely anything over at his Reddit‬ IAmA.

Crush the Castle, Joey Betz, Reddit
Play Crush the Castle Adventures

Crush the Castle Adventures has an all-new comedic story of the lovelorn King, out to woo his Lady Catapult.

Crush the Castle, Jimp, Joey Betz
Zombotron 2 Quests

Quests are now available for Zombotron 2, so prepare to destroy bunch of zombies and save the world. Lock and load!

AntKarlov, Zombies, Zombotron 2
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