Hordes of monsters surging forward in single-file, with only you and your building powers to destroy them.
The second best part about Halloween (besides loads of candy) is getting spooked by your favorite scary games and movies.
There is a new furry friend for you to adopt. Sushi cat loves you already. Meow!
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Zombotron 2 Quests

Quests are now available for Zombotron 2, so prepare to destroy bunch of zombies and save the world. Lock and load!

AntKarlov, Zombies, Zombotron 2
Summer Snack Refuel

After the echoing chorus of “Armor Games needs food badly!”, we jump in a car and battle at Costco to obtain tasty snackage.

Food, Noms, Sushi Cat, Yums
Space Is Key Giveaway

The popular arcade game from ChrisJeff, Space is Key, has launched on iOS and Android for all you mobile game lovers.

Arcade, ChrisJeff, Space is Key
Night Lights Walkthrough

Need some help working your way through the mysteriously shadowy puzzles of Night Lights? Check this out!

Night Lights, Puzzle
Dead Zone: July 4th Giveaway

The creators of The Last Stand: Dead Zone have given us more keys to unlock special gear in the game. Want one?

ConArtists, Dead Zone, Giveaway
Into Space 2 Quests

Quests are now available for Into Space 2, a game where you must prepare for take off to Mars! Ready for lift off?

Into Space 2, Quests, Space
3LIND Walkthrough

Need some help working your way through the mysteriously philosophical puzzles of 3LIND? Try this walkthrough!

3LIND, Puzzle, Walkthrough
Crush the Castle Comics

Here are more comics in celebration for the upcoming release of Crush the Castle: Adventure from Joey Betz.

Comic, Crush the Castle: Adventures
King's League Odyssey Quests

Quests are now available for the medieval simulation strategy game The King’s League Odyssey from Kurechii Studio.

King's League Odyssey, Quests
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