We calculated the games that had the most players this year. See if you can guess the #1 slot before you click.
Hordes of monsters surging forward in single-file, with only you and your building powers to destroy them.
The second best part about Halloween (besides loads of candy) is getting spooked by your favorite scary games and movies.
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Mysterious Building

Next door they seem to be constructing something very odd. We need your help, what is this building? Should we be worried?

Armor Office, Building, Mysterious, Space, Zombies
Armor Store Ships Worldwide

Sushi Cats and Elephant plushies are posed to conquer the world. We’re now offering worldwide shipping to all our fans

Blue Elephant, Store, Sushi Cat, Worldwide
Presents from 5th Planet Games

5th Planet Games sent us over a bundle of gifts: Armor Games branded M&Ms, cookies, and even a custom dartboard.

5th Planet Games, Gifts, MMO
Christmas Early at Armor Games

Santa visited Armor Games early this year, with amazing gifts for all the good little web developers and game designers.

Christmas, Dan McNeely, Nexus 7, Sushi Cat
Sushi Cat Plushie Party

Armor Games is proud to announce the Blue Elephant has acquired a few feline friends with this new batch of Sushi Cats.

Blue Elephant, Party, Plushie, Sushi Cat
Infectonator Zombie Papercraft

Toge Productions have released a brain-eating schematic of an Infectonator Zombie for all you papercraft junkies out there.

Brains, Infectonator, Papercraft, Zombies
Thanksgiving Armatar Winners

We’re bringing Armatar contests back, and you guys really answered the call for the Thanksgiving edition!

Armatars, Contest, Thanksgiving, Turkey, Winners
For Sale: Blue Elephant Plushie

With the help of many determined, vigilant, hard-working elves, Armor Games is able to make your dream become reality!

Blue Elephant, John Cooney, Plushie
Rock Stars!

The Armor Games team on our hike through Holcomb Valley! Check out this awesome shot of us on top of some sandstone.

Hiking, Rock Climbing
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