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Arkandian Revenant

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Arkandian Revenant

Frontline Defense Special Ops
Saving the Company

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Launched September 02, 2011

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Head back into the fray and save Arkandia again this time against the Revenant!\r\nEmbark on your journey as either an Arkandian or Necretian(Or even a Demon/Ascended if you've completed the previous chapter), save the world and also fill your coinpurse!\r\nAided by your new friend Billy, crawl down into the deepest of dungeons and recover long lost artifacts, use them to destroy your enemies personally or even equip them onto you personal army and engage in large scale tactical combat.\r\nOr if you prefer uncover the hidden secrets of crafting and outfit your warriors with your own crafted weapons and armour while you quaff home made potions.\r\n\r\nRevenant takes everything that made Crusade great and expands it to a whole new level. The Arkandian Legends are a series of stories that you the player live through. Achievements, skills, items and victories in one story follow you through to the next, unlocking new features and advantages as you go.\r\nYour actions will determine the course of your adventures and the choices you make can change the very nature of the world.


Navigate menus with your clicking device.\r\nWASD or arrow key your way through dungeons and reach back to your clicker for tactical battles.

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Arkandian Revenant

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