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Swarm Control

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Swarm Control


By joeybetz

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Launched January 24, 2012

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Cute, Defense, Science, Strategy, Upgrade, War

War has raged on for centuries between bees and bears. Bears always come for more honey and the bees can do nothing but sting them softly and hope that they go away. Not this time! This time the bees are taking over and ensuring that the bee civilization, not bears, will dominate the land. Will you be up the challenge?

NOTE: This game supports GPU rendering with Flash Player 11. It is not required to download Flash Player 11, but it is recommended for a smoother framerate.

For Mac users with Flash Player 11: Some users may experience strange or erratic mouse behavior in Google Chrome. If you are plagued with these problems it is recommended to turn off GPU rendering in the Options menu on the Main Menu. At least until the flash player bug is fixed.


Click and Drag across your hives to send bees.

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3,326 Ratings
Swarm Control

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