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Little Protector Planes

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Little Protector Planes

Escape From 26
Headless Zombie

By Undefined

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Launched October 18, 2013

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Adventure, Cute, Defense, Fantasy, Magic, Protector, RPG, Strategy

The Lower Planes are being invaded!
If this keeps up we'll start seeing ascended monsters and that simply won't do. As an omnipotent being it's up to you to bring order to infinity, one plane at a time.
Each time you play Little Protector Planes a whole new plane is created for your party of ascended souls to adventure in.
Recover the Astral treasures, Ascend new classes of hero, stockpile Astral Equipment and earn Astral energy every game you play.
As you grow in power so do the challenges the planes present.


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Little Protector Planes

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