Tom Clancy's Endwar Online

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Side with a Faction, conquer territories to reclaim your homeland in the PvE campaign, and join the global power struggle in PvP modes.
Strategically allocate command points, master the combat chain, and combo unit abilities to vanquish your enemies in tensed, action-packed battles.
Unlock, recruit, and train 80+ hero commanders from 9 different unit classes, each with their own weapons and skills.
Use the loot from battles to rebuild your headquarter, level up your commanders, and research new weapons and technology to reinforce your army.
Oct 21, 2015

Take back your homeland and lead your faction in the final battle for all that is left in this RPG Strategy game by Ubisoft. Create a hero general, build and lead an army made of the finest commanders and weapons, engage in challenging campaign missions, and put your skills to the test in intense PvP battles.


Explained in-game

January 7, 2016

Generals, happy New Year! To start 2016 off with a bang we’ve got a brand new AAV Commander for you and new Special Operations missions have been added to the game. Here's the details: New Commander Meet Brenner, the new AAV Commander, he packs a devastating punch! Nearby air-units will be severely punished by his surface to air missiles, and not only that, when one of his units fires at a target all other units of the same type will rally together to also fire at the target! He can currently be recruited by purchasing 10,000 GOLD and is an essential addition to any army. New Special Operations Missions New Special Operations missions for Level 55 and 60 have been added with version 1.2.0, meaning exciting new challenges await you. See you on the battlefield!

December 17, 2015

Generals, a massive new update has landed! Version 1.1.0 has brought Chapter 9, a new Gunship Commander, a new level cap of 60 and so much more! Check out the full patch notes: - Chapter 9 Lead your faction to new heights of glory across 21 new campaign missions (7 for each faction) in both Normal and Veteran difficulty. Once again the enemy’s power has increased significantly, so make sure your Commanders aren’t fresh out of basic training! - Level 60 New campaign missions aren’t all this update has brought. The level cap has increased to 60, so now you can dominate the battlefield with more power than ever before. You also no longer need dream of owning the godlike Level 60 Commanders in Wargame Mode, make your own! The increased level cap also means greater level up rewards, up to Level 60 loot and new quests to undertake. The spoils of war await you Generals! - New Gunship Commander As with the last update, a new commander has been added, Zhou, a master of diversion and decoy. This cross-faction commander really brings something quite unique to the battlefield, the ability to lure enemy fire away from you! She can currently be recruited by buying 12000 GOLD. - Energy storage capacity A very useful new feature has also been added with this update, the option to increase the amount of ENERGY that liberated territories can store and reduce the frequency of collection. This feature has been designed to make gameplay more convenient for all Generals. VIP players will also be able to generate ENERGY slightly faster as a bonus! - Special Operations Content Update 5 Special Operations missions have been added for Level 45 and Level 50. That means 10 new missions and hours of new gameplay! - Fortress mode AI adjustment for Level 60 A new level cap of 60 requires a greater challenge for stronger Generals, so the AI in Fortress mode has been adjusted to account for this.Don’t expect the enemy to go down without a fight! - Optimizations and Bug Fixes As with every update we’ve taken great lengths to further optimize the game experience on all platforms. This update further improves download speed and game performance. Many important bug fixes have also been implemented. The Open Beta experience just gets better and better! See you on the battlefield!

December 3, 2015

Generals! EndWar Online is now in Open Beta! Starting today, version 1.0.0 will go live on all servers. This launch will release the best version of the game to date, including French language support, a new Rank 5 Tank Commander and a brand new PvP mode, the incredibly challenging Wargame mode! Check out the Patch Notes for version 1.0.0: - New PvP mode: Wargame Mode This update brings exciting new PvP gameplay to EndWar Online. Wargame mode is a live PvP mode that challenges players to build a deck of special commanders and endure as many battles as possible without being defeated. The system will pick 3 special commanders (maximum skill and equipment level), and players choose one. This process continues until 6 commanders have been chosen (commanders aren’t limited to the player’s commander list). Players then battle against other players, until they have either won 9 victories or suffered 3 losses. At this point they will be rewarded based on how many victories they scored, great rewards can be gained from consecutive victories! - EndWar Online French version arrives! Another ongoing request has been for a French version of the game. With this update we’re pleased to announce that after hours of hard work, the game can now be played entirely in French! A whole new game experience awaits our French speaking players! - New Tank Commander We’re also introducing a powerful new commander in this update. A Rank 5 Tank commander, available to all factions, who utilizes stealth units to subvert the enemy. This deadly commander is available to all players who recharge 10000 GOLD or more in one purchase. - Fortress mode unlock level lowered As of version 1.0.0 the level requirement for Fortress mode has been lowered to 11, now you can start PvP battles earlier than ever before! - UI Optimizations Various game systems and panels have been given a UI polish for Open Beta: Special Offer, Events Center, and Monthly Gold Pack. You can now enter the action even faster! - Technical Optimizations To further improve FPS, loading and downloading in the game a huge amount of work has been done by the developers for this update. The game’s tutorial has been optimized to increase performance and the game should now better use your graphics card and processor. Game resources, art and file packing have all been polished and optimized to make the game run better, we’re pulling out all the stops for Open Beta! With this launch we hope that your EndWar Online experience will be the best yet, and each battle more glorious than the last! See you on the battlefield!
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