Area Raiders

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Dec 27, 2019


It is time to reveal those government secrets and rescue the aliens being kept in various government outposts. We have millions of raiders coming in from all directions until we breach their defenses!

Key Features:
- Gain enough media attention to attract new raiders to help you out overcome the government defenses and to save the aliens
- Exchange rescued aliens into extra Raider skills
- Unlock special abilities of units so you can breach the “impenetrable” fortresses the government has built to keep us away
- Complete 7 starting missions to generate various resources you'll need to reveal some dark secrets
- Gather enough Alien tech to build a Time-machine
- Jump into the future with the help of Karen and Alien shards
- Raid from scratch once again – regroup and come back stronger to unlock more special abilities and boosters

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Scroll mouse-wheel to zoom in/out.

You are in charge of raiders trying to breach government defenses:
1) Reach the center base to save aliens
2) When raiders die, you will gain Media Points
3) Use MP to attract more raiders, upgrade them and discover unlocks and secrets!

*The game is fully idleable in off-focus and when coming back!
Game saves locally every 30 seconds, on new levels and you can export your saves. Game also saves online every 10 minutes automatically.

April 4, 2020

Introducing the Events! The biggest update (to date) of Area Raiders was just released!

(The Events are first unlocked once a player becomes a Headman of raiders, and send the raiders into space, as more government bases were revealed there).

  • 3 different planets/satellites added (Moon, Venus, Mars) for the player to raid monthly
  • To survive in the outer space raiders have new astronaut skins
  • Unique Milestones and rewards on each of the events
  • Rocket boosters with extra powers

On top of this update, we've done a few more improvements that should help improve the general player experience for new players:

  • Improved performance of raiders attacking the bases
  • Stories with animation texts keeping players more focused on the new unlocked stuff (viewable once a bigger part of the game is unlocked)
  • Tier 9 goals added
  • Quarantine boosters added (x2 on all UFO's rewards), lasting for 40 days to help you keep occupied in these days
  • how to play section added (to help new players)
  • content/features are now unlocked more gradually once you reach a certain goal or requirements

It would be great to hear any feedback on the Events, latest updates, or just your general experience of the game!

March 6, 2020

Recently we posted an update including: • 3 new skills were added, one lowers the MAX cap for the training durations (MAX cap without upgrades is now set to 30 days), the other lowers the fence damage and the last one lowers the wall health so the raiders can pass them faster. • animations on the main screen (going to new area, + x secret source, aliens rescued) have design fixes and go away a bit faster than before • achievements have been tweeked to show the tier info even if that particular tier is still locked • training timers now show days and weeks and not only hours and minutes • training issues on zone switch bug was fixed, • mission 7 in unlocks section had a bug that didn't unlock the button appropriately (if user had the same amount of keys as required to unlock) and is now fixed • PR squad tab is now locked until the practice field is locked. • get more shards popup is now available from the training popup and not only from the Boosters section ...we just started working on the new content update - more about this will be released on our Discord in the following days. Have fun ;)

February 13, 2020

Achievements + Training update Released! One of the biggest updates to date on Area Raiders is now LIVE! We decided to pack 2 updates into 1 bigger, so there’ll be lots of new content to follow and complete! Achievements: * 14 different one-time missions added * Tier Unlock mechanics prepared on Raiding goals tab * 8 different & unique Tiers created * 64 goals new goals to follow * Collapse feature added * New rewards to follow/collect Training * Practice field XP mechanics created * Every Raider attribute (except speed) can now be trained individually * 10 PR Agents created with unique MP boosts Hope, you guys will love to play this further, feel free to let us know what do you feel on everything, every feedback is appreciated as it helps us further improve the game! ;)
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