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This is set 12, January 1939.
You have been enlisted in to the army, and placed in a special Squad. This is before World War II. But it is rapidly approaching. Delta Squad is on a Parachute drop into Czechoslovakia for an Operation, this Operation is at Secrecy Level Black. (Black Operation, Government only knows about it and no one else, except for the Czechoslovakia's prime minister.) "The Mission is to gather information about Hitler's plans, using what ever force possible. DO NOT get caught as a British soldier, kill everyone who sees you as a British Subject, I don't care, We cannot afford another world-wide war."


No Power Gaming ( Being overpowered )
NO Meta gaming ( Google is your friend, if not here's a link

Age: (18 - 40)
Current Rank: Private
Main Gun: (Select from below)
Secondary Gun: (Select from below)
Inventory: (This is blank for now.)

Machine Guns
Browning M1917A1 (.30-'06)
Browning M2HB (.50 BMG)
Bren (.303 British)

Submachine Guns

M3/A1 'Grease Gun' (.45 ACP / 9 mm Parabellum)
Thompson submachine gun (.45 ACP)
M50/55 Reising (.45 ACP)
M42 (UD42) (9mm Parabellum)
M2 'Hyde' (.45 ACP)
Sten (9mm Parabellum)

First Person to join is the Leader and a Corporal.

Cant think of a name? Try here!

This is a test. (May change in the course of the game.)

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