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Ignore the way the title is spelled. I'm persnickety about words and totally cribbing the content of this post from one of my earlier threads. Project Paint Brush is a discussion thread hosted by Gantic (and sponsored by the nonexistent GantiCorp.) This will be a discussion about the AMW and Amwians as a whole. This includes anything and everything AMW. I am hoping to get some productive discussion about ideas and learn about perspectives.

Discussion will be on various topics and may changed weekly, biweekly, however long a discussion needs. This will mostly (or most likely) be about ideas and perspectives.

Now the important bit: You are tasked with painting a picture of the above poster and/or any previous poster, but you can only use one color. What color do you chose?

Please keep posts relevant. Posts should be relevant to the current discussion or a previous discussion.

Responses should be constructive. While we'd all like to be frank, there is a line between tactful and blunt. Keep in mind that not everyone is of the same disposition or age.

Also keep in mind that we're all amateurs (unless there are a few professionals among us). Nevertheless, each opinion carries the same weight regardless of whether you disagree or not or how much you admire or despise someone. Please consider how something applies to you and not blindly accept or reject advice or opinion. An opinion is never a fact even if everyone thinks the same thing.

If you have any ideas for future discussions, leave a comment on my profile. Meanwhile, consider, discuss, learn!

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