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Ever heard of the Yggdrazil thread? Sure you have! How about the Save Lolcatia thread? You might still remember that one, too. Well, the Galactic Races have designated Lolcatia's planet for Unichtozhat, and to do that, you must level the city in order to give the Unichtozhat a level planet to glass. Too bad the citizens don't take kindly to their homes being blown up. As members of the Zakazat Unichtozhat, you can commission forces to help you attack Lolcatia and its defenses.

Objective: Destroy Lolcatia!
Lolcatia Statuses:

Lolcatia Remaining HP: 5,000,000,000

Injured(Lose turns):

Divinities(Users who run the thread):
Kylelolcat, The Author

Demivinities(Respected Players)

Greater Avatars(Highly Skilled Players)

Avatars(Skilled Players)

Vansibanes(Players who attained control of an element)

Vansidruids(Players who have mastered their element)

Vansisages(Players who have perfected their element)

Undead(The dead revived)

Dead(Dead for a reason)

ReDead(Permanently dead for a **** good reason)

Other statuses:
Weather: Sunny and clear
Time: Midday

Lolcatia Defenses:
200/200 Bazookas (Troopers)
10/10 Sumo Kittehs (Maegashira)
40/40 Siege Tanks (Private)
5/5 Missile Turrets
5/5 Laser Turrets
Anti-Artillery Tower
Giant Magnifiying Glass
10/10 Dragona Noir (Adult)
100/100 Riflemen (Recruit)
40/40 Trolls (Flamer)
50/50 Main Battle Tanks
5/5 Bombers
40 Supercharged Creepers(Hard Mode)
30/40 Arnies
20/20 Spiders (Demonic)
20/20 Goliaths (Private)
80/80 King-fu Kittehs (Yellow Belt)
30/30 Jedi (Knights)
10/10 Basilisks (Whelps)
9/9 Assassins (Recluta)
20/20 Frost Wyrms (Dragons)
10/10 Electric Elementals (Power)
10/10 Wind Elementals (Typhoon)
10/10 Fire Elementals (Blaze)
10/10 Ice Elementals (Tundra)
10/10 Arcana Elementals(Galaxy)
10/10 Water Elementals(Tsunami)

Zakazat Unichtozhat Planetary Forces:
None commissioned so far...

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