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I've been racking my brain about the racism issue for a while because me and a couple of friends on xbox live have been called racist a couple of times.

I was in a game lobby and in a good mood so I started humming. Some guy told me to shutup but naturally I ignored him. Then he started calling me racist which most definately made me stop and I asked him, "What are all happy humming people racist?" and he said "Yes."

IN another occurence I was with friends and we were playing CODMW3 playing demolition we won and I got the final kill. There was a bit of poor sportsmanship as one guy said my final kill was racist. My friend came into my defense and he eventually was called racist.

Now here is something a bit more serious, and what I think is childish, the republicans are being called racist by certain media and democrats. I know the republicans aren't racist and I know there are black and hispanic republicans. But they keep getting called racist people.

Really dude! Who's racist? I'm not! I know many republicans are not! Enough with calling people racist dude! I'm sick of it!

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