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2023. Science went too far. The best scientists in the world came together under the common goal of making the perfect soldier. One that wouldn't feel pain, would never let feelings get in the way, and would never lose the will to fight. And they kind of succeeded. However, these new soldiers lost all sense, and only knew aggresion and survival. They killed every human they saw, and within a year after their drugs got out, the infection had spread all over the world, and nearly everyone was either dead or infected by 2025. Now you have only one goal in mind as one of the few remaining sane people on Earth: to survive.

Character sheet:
You have 20 points to spend on skills, not including points granted by class choices.
Name: (First or last if you want, or just a nickname)
Gender: (Male or female)
Class: (Scavenger, hunter, recon, sniper, commander)
Health: 100/100
Stamina: 100/100
Hunger: 100/100
Strength: (This affects how much stuff you can carry, along with how much damage you can deal with melee weapons, and how well you can fight bare-handed. This also slightly decreases how much damage you take.)
Stealth: (This greatly affects how easily you can avoid zombies and survivors. You will be able to move more quietly and stealthily and therefore be able to avoid combat more often and find stuff more frequently.)
Intelligence: (This affects how well you can use advanced equipment such as computers, security systems, and vehicles, and you are able to spot weaknesses and tactical opportunities better, along with gaining skill in lock-picking, hot-wiring, etc.)
Charisma: (This affects how well you can interact with other survivors. Raise it high enough and they might give you some free equipment and help, and will also become less likely to try and stab you in the back while you sleep.)
Accuracy: (This affects how well you can aim ranged and thrown weapons, and you are able to throw things farther and more precisely.)
Perception: (Affects how much you can see at a glance, you'll find more stuff when exploring/scavenging, and all you're senses are sharpened so you can sense survivors/zombies/equipment/etc. better.)
Luck: (Affects all stats slightly, zombies are less likely to detect you, you are more likely to scavenge better stuff, etc.)
Bio: (Just some basic information about your character, fitness, height, previous job, some random traits/habits, etc.)
Personality: (Basically how your character reacts to zombie situations and how they act towards survivors.)
Inventory weight: 15/15
Weapons: (You will most likely find one in the beginning of the game.)
Gear: (Anything you're wearing, used mostly for defense, speed, and strength.)
Equipement: (Anything you can use that is not a weapon or some type of gear, such as rope, keys, wood, etc.)
Aid: (Anything like first aid, food, water, drugs, etc.)

Scavenger: +4 Perception, +4 Stealth, +2 Strength. As a scavenger you will find more stuff while scavenging, and are able to move faster and more stealthily.
Hunter: +4 Accuracy, +4 Strength, +2 Charisma. Hunters are fully trained to track and kill zombies, they are the strongest of the classes and can many times be used to defend others and keep themselves from zombies.
Recon: +4 Stealth, +3 Perception, +3 Intelligence. Recons work best as scouts. They are able to find useful stuff and avoid zombies more easily than others, but aren't too strong in combat.
Sniper: +4 Accuracy, +3 Intelligence, +2 Strength, +1 Charisma. Snipers are the best gunners of all the classes, and are best with ranged weapons. They often times can be used to pick off zombies before they get too close, and are great at combat.
Commander: +4 Intelligence, +4 Charisma, +2 Perception. Commanders are the leaders of the survivors, they are most influential to others and are very good at using their environment for their own good.

I will respond again in 5 hours, and start a game with whoever has joined by then. After that, anyone else can join but they will not have the benefit of starting with other survivors.

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