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Back when I was Runescape124, my most popular RPG was the Elements of Disaster series. Well, I've decided to bring it back . This RPG will have some multiplayer characteristics, such as hearing explosions across the city that were caused by another player, leaving wreckage behind and other players coming across it, etc.
You wake up on a park bench...Who you are, you don't know, but it's better to have a name than none at all:

Name: (be creative)
Age: (13+)
Gender: (M/F)
Money: $0
Inventory: (empty)
Health: 20/20
Status: Healthy
Level: 1
XP: 0/20
Power: (Nothing like "invincibility" and stuff, must be approved by me, and you can't right off the bat use it in the game. Since you have no clue who you are, how will you know you have a power?)
Sub-Power: (Must be related to your main power above [Power: Light, Sub-Power: Healing/Dark/Lasers/etc.] You don't know about it, either)

You look around. You seem to be in New York City, but something is off...Nobody is around...The city is blanketed by dark-purple and black clouds. You can see occasional lightning bolts coming from the clouds...Something is DEFINITELY wrong...

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