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12 2011
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It's not hard to find YouTube videos where over half the comments are focused on a single hater, one sole troll.

"Dear Roosterteeth

My daughter, recently has been acting bad, cussing and behaving horribly. Saying 'f**k' and 's**t'

I found out my daughter has learned these actions from your Channel. And I would like you remove all your videos from your channel containing cussing words. You have? 5 hours to remove these videos off your channel. Or else i'll contact Youtube to tell them to remove your videos themselves. You have no right to cuss on your channel."

The above quote is a popular copypaste comment used to troll RoosterTeeth videos. If you see this comment, chances are, you're going to see about 50 - 200 responses. I've pointed out the stupidity in responding to such trolls, in which case many people have replied, "It's called counter trolling you moron." Counter-trolling?

Counter-trolling is an art in which you turn the tides around and you troll a troll. You can NOT counter-troll a troll that doesn't give a ****. That said, it's counter-productive to try and counter troll when all you're doing is giving the troll more attention.

People on the internet need to learn what trolls are, because they fail to understand that negative responses only fuel such trollish behavior. To point out, "fail troll is fail" is laughably ironic. When so many people do such a thing, all they do is prove the troll to be successful.

There are many great YouTube videos out there, and good feedback is always something I love to see. But when most of the comments are focused on trolling a troll, they do nothing more than SPAM the comments. They try to fix the problem, but only make it worse.

There's nothing wrong with responding to trolls when nobody else has done so, but when a large number of people already responded to a troll, don't join in.

When it comes to trolls, don't act out impulsively.

/end rant

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