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Sorry if this is spam, but it should be acceptable.

Part 1:
Part 2: ⦠fu
Part 3: ⦠fu
Part 4: ⦠fu
Part 5: ⦠fu
Part 6: ⦠fu
Part 7: ⦠fu
Part 8: ⦠fu
Part 9: ⦠fu
Part 10: ⦠fu
Part 11: ⦠fu
Part 12: ⦠fu
Part 13: ⦠fu
Part 14: ⦠fu
Part 15: ⦠fu
Part 16: ⦠fu
Part 17: ⦠fu
Part 18: ⦠fu
Part 19: ⦠fu
Part 20: ⦠fu
Part 21: ⦠fu
Part 22: ⦠fu
Part 23: ⦠fu
Part 24: ⦠fu
Part 25: ⦠fu
Part 26: ⦠fu
Part 27: ⦠fu
Part 28: ⦠fu
Part 29: ⦠fu
Part 30: ⦠fu
Part 31: ⦠fu
Part 32: ⦠fu
Part 33: ⦠fu
Part 34: ⦠fu
Part 35: ⦠fu
Part 36: ⦠fu
Part 37: ⦠fu
Part 38: ⦠fu
Part 39: ⦠fu
Part 40: ⦠fu
Part 41: ⦠fu
Part 42: ⦠fu
Part 43: ⦠fu
Part 44: ⦠fu
Part 45: ⦠fu
Part 46: ⦠fu
Part 47: ⦠fu
Part 48: ⦠fu
Part 49: ⦠fu
Part 50: ⦠fu
Part 51: ⦠fu
Part 52: ⦠fu
Part 53: ⦠fu
Part 54: ⦠fu
Part 55: ⦠fu
Part 56: ⦠r
Ending: ⦠fu

(All videos made on youtube by grievousrocks. I'm just saying I'm not the one who made the videos. It was all thanks to that guy.)

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this is spamm.
this forum isn't to post random game walkthroughs.
if people want a walktrough then they go to a site that is specialized in it. like or look for it on youtube themself.

if we are going to post all the game walkthroughs on youtube then the forum will be full whit useless stuff.

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To start things off, your first link to the walkthrough doesn't work.

As for the rest, threads are supposed to be geared towards discussion of a specific video game while posting hints/tips for said game, not linking the entirety of the game to Youtube to plug commentators. This can be OP spam, and it also crosses into advertisement territory.

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