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This is Caldaria, a land ravaged by wars between the 5 great nations:
The Nords: Unparalleled infantry with heavy chain armor, and large axes for fighting and throwing. The kings and lords are hot headed and traditional

The Vaegirs: The balanced peoples, the kings cool headed and a variety of troops excelling at horsemanship and light infantries.

Kingdom of Swadia: Heavy Cavalry oriented with reliable heavy infantry, their lords and kings are very cautious, being in the center of the continent

Khergit Khanate: Born in the saddle, and die in the saddle, these people hail from the steppes, they excel in horsemanship, and their leaders are master hit and run tacticians, prolonged engagements are the bane of their existence

The Rhodoks: They're the best at killing horses with their spears and men with their crossbows, they are perfect for defending areas and will do it with their lives, not surprisingly their kings are the same

These kingdoms have fought for centuries. They are in desperate need of nobles and vassals to help raise armies for their constant state of warring.

This game will include a lot of talking, debating, etc. and not be all action so be prepared for it.


Physical Desc.:
Bio: at least 5 sentences, optional
Perk: from bio
Weapon: i put
Armor: i put
Misc.: i put
Armor Durability: i put
Health: i put
Denars: 1,000
Troop Types:
Morale: Eager

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