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Be Warned: This is mildly lengthy. Are you manly enough to read it all?


I've decided to go ahead and be very original in the naming of my RPG by taking two letters off the "Unnamed RPGs" thread's name But alas that's beside the point. Let's get down to business, which is that I've obviously decided to go ahead and make a RPG. Now I'd bet you'd like to know what this RPG will be all about, right? Ah well since you insist I'll go ahead and explain this RPG to you my fellow AG gamers.

This RPG shall be about controlling a mythological creature (like a Sphinx) and creating this aforementioned creature and guiding it through a storyline and scenarios that I give you. The choice is yours as to what creature you would like to be. You know what? As a matter of fact it doesn't even have to be a mythological creature, you may be anything you please to be at all. You can be a human, a wolf, a dragon, a sea monster or even a horsefly (I don't recommend that last option because it sounds quite boring). I don't mind you guys choosing your own creatures as long as you aren't unrealistic or silly about it, for example don't say this: I'm a 10'000 foot tall T-Rex that shoots lasers out of my eyes and fire out of my bum as well as the fact that I have impenetrable skin, blah blah blah etc... Otherwise I'll just ignore what you said and move on to the next logical post

Here are a few other things you may also want to know, you can choose between these scenarios for your character to play in:

Realistic RPG (you need food to survive, and sleep to survive, it's also easier to die seeing as how your decisions will get you killed if you're silly or choose a poor option) or you can choose the game to be a little more unrealistic (you don't need to worry about food, water, and all that other bothersome junk to live (that doesn't mean you can go a decade without food), and it's harder to die, meaning the decisions you make are less likely to kill you etc...). So basically choose between easy mode or hard mode.

You may also choose between these type of worlds for your character to live in:

- War ravaged
- Medieval
- Mythological
- Prehistoric
- Fantasy

Or you may suggest one yourself, and if I approve you may live in it.

Now I suppose I should tell you guys you need a character sheet, so here are a few examples:

Difficulty: Realistic (Hard)
Scenario: A modern day society
Character type: Wolf
Character Description: Average height for wolf, magnificent blood red fur, keen eyes, muscular etc...
Name: Grrrht (English translation from wolf speech: Keen One)
Bio: Optional
Mythological Creatures: No
Perk: Fast
Body: Prime of my life

Here is another example:

Difficulty: Unrealistic (easy)
Scenario: Fantasy, Medieval type of country side (untamed country)
Character Type: Sea monster!
Name: Sentios Manios Lentia
Character Description: A 300 foot tall sea serpent with massive spikes jutting out of my neck, I am 20 feet wide and my tail is spiked like a club.
Bio: My name is Sentios Manios Lentia, I am used to living in the depths of the sea, fighting for my life with fierce creatures of the depth. I fear nothing and live to fight!
Mythological Creatures: Obviously since I am one!
Perk: Ability to blast sheets of ice out of my mouth (like a dragon does with fire!)
Body: Mediocre

Last Example:

Mode: Realistic
Scenario: Modern day Zombie Apocalypse
Character: Man
Name: Tony
Bio: Optional
Past Occupation: Firefighter
Height: 6 foot tall
Weight: 205 pounds
Misc Details: (hair colour, eye colour etc...)
Mythological Creatures: N/A for any choices with man as your character AND modern day as a scenario
Perk: Agile
Body: Fit

Important Notes For (you really should read this):

Descriptions: Include as much as you like into the description, but make it enough for me to be able to adequately tell how you look.
Bio: Helps me determine your storyline.
Scenario: This just determines the type of environment and creatures you'll be around. If you choose prehistoric, expect prehistoric animals to be in the gameplay (duh).
Mythological creatures: All I need is a yes or no. If you choose yes be warned that any and every manner of creature may be in your storyline (unless you request for specific types of creatures like Dragons not to be not to be).
Character: What animal are you going to be, a human, dinosaur, sea monster, goblin, ogre, orc, dragon etc...
Body: How healthy and athletic are you
Perk: Be reasonable, if you choose invincible I'll rechoose it for you.

Ah yes I almost forgot this, lastly, but not least is the example of the scenarios you will receive (I request that you post your character sheet in every comment by the way):


Mode: Realistic
Scenario: Modern day Zombie Apocalypse
Character: Man
Bio: Optional
Past Occupation: Fireman
Height: 6 foot tall
Weight: 205 pounds
Misc Details: (hair colour, eye colour, and name, which is a must etc...)
Mythological Creatures: N/A for any choices with man AND modern day as a scenario
Perk: Agile
Body: Fit

"Tony! Hurry up, this building is coming down on top of us, we have maybe ten minutes!" Bellowed one of Tony's co-workers inside of the inferno of what was once called "Hyatt's Hotel" in downtown Detroit. "Yea, I know, just give me a moment," hollered Tony back to his co-worker kicking down the door in his path trying to get to the person on the other side of the door. For there had to be person on the other side, Tony could hear the murmuring of a man! As Tony rushed in he dived out of the way of falling masonry that was ablaze from the ceiling above him and was shocked to see a man lounge towards him. The man was missing half the fingers of his left hand, from a... bite?


1. Go towards the man and try to help him out of the building.
2. Say "insert phrase here"
3. Ask the man "are you alright!?"
4. Your choice

When choosing an option please copy paste that as well as your character sheet into your post. Thanks in advance

NOTE: You may gain perks after a while or evolve your characters. If you're a human you may grow taller, or run faster, or be stronger etc... After a while I'll evolve (upgrade) your character automatically or give it a perk after a few pages or a reasonable time-lapse.

NOTE: There are clans that you will encounter in this RPG, meaning that some creatures hunt and fight in packs (some don't though)

P.S. I may add rules and updates for this RPG, when I do so it'll be labeled as follows (and every post will be in every post I make):

Attention, Update!

Three people only right now, each player MUST choose a different character (different species) in their character sheet. It is first come first serve. If you would like to join a wait list please message my profile. If a player dies the next person in the wait list shall join the game, or if a player goes inactive for about 48 hours (two days) without warning the next player in a wait list shall be able to take over or make a new character.


*I apologize for any poor grammar are inarticulate sentences and phrasing.

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