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So, there is another opration in Gaza. After a week wher organizations from Gaza shot over 70 rockets to Israel, the IDF decided to stop it {Dont worry, we are not flatening gaza}. And i say - damm time they got there in Hamas. there are election in 69 days from now, and they are only make the right wing {aka netanyaho and liberman} more strong by these actions! This is not the way to get peace...

Well, Im in range of the rockets. A rocket as hit near a house of a friend of mine. luckly didnt exploded {the rocket, not the friend}. There are alarms once for a while. as an gamer/historian i dont affraid from them {thank you medal of honor 1!}, but my little brother is quite scared. him and my little dog. poor girl, shacking all teh times...

Schools are cancled on the radius of 40 km from gaza.

For all of you who dosent know me, im on the Israeli side.

SO what have changed since Cast lead?

Iron dome is almost completly cover the skys, 90% of the rockets are destroyed in the air. Huge sucsess.

As it seems, there is not gonna be a land attak. only air force with spesified targets. And that quite "lucky" as im in the age of recruiting and i have friends who serve in these infantry battlaions.

Sp, feel free to talk and bring news on the Situation.

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