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You were a happy child. A loving family, academic excellence, strings of friends.
Then one day, it all changed. He arrived. Midnight. The screaming. The destruction. Your parents, murdered.
Your only sister, captured. But he didn't find you. Or he chose not to find you.

10 years later, and you still remember. There's no way you can forget.
10 years later, you're a different person.
Is your sister still alive?
Back then, you were inept. Naive. A coward.
Now, you are determined.
Your spirit burns within you, and your physical prowess won't let you down.

Revenge. It's your story.

This is a word RPG, revolving around the backstory above.
10 years after the calamity, you discovered that you were blessed with special powers.
Use them. Learn them. Improve them. Retribution.

If you are interested, please fill out this character sheet, and
REMEMBER TO COPY/PASTE IT EVERY TIME YOU POST. (please copy the most recent version, I will often edit it in posts I make as your character develops)

PathLook below)
Level: 0
EXP: 0/1
Inventory: (0/4)

You can choose to either pursue the path of the fists, or the path of the mind.

+ additional Fitness growth per level
+ 1 inventory space every 10 levels
+ lower EXP requirements to level

+ additional Spirit growth per level
+ gold earned
+ haggling ability (buying/selling)

I have a knack for making things overcomplicated and being unable to handle them, so I'll just leave this here right now.
Since we cannot yet edit posts, I will be making additional changes on my profile about. Please check there if you don't understand something!

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