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The last god is dieing. He needs someone to replace him, so he chose 6 contestants to fight. The final fight will be in the Sky Dome,and only one will survive.

Classes you can choose:

Humans:They are just everywhere...
Main city : Deragon
Bonuses: None
Weaknesses - None

Dwarfs: Strong and hmm.... small.
Main city: Darmar
Bonuses: Small
Weaknesses: None

Light Elves: Opposite of Dark Elves.
Main city: Light Soth
Bonuses: Can shoot 2 arrows at once if you go with School of Arrow.
Weaknesses: None

Dark Elves: Opposite of Light Elves.
Main city: Dark Soth
Bonuses: Can see in the dark.
Weaknesses: Easily blinded.

Naga: The water tribe.
Main city : Naga Village
Bonuses: Breaths underwater and is faster in the water.
Weaknesses: Slow on the ground.

Avians: Humanoid Birds.
Main city: Eagledor mountain.
Bonuses: Flying and Eagle sight.
Weaknesses: Very unprotected.

Dragonians: The ancient rulers of the world.
Main city: Dragon Mauntain.
Bonuses: Immune to fire, breaths fire, scales are like armor.
Weaknesses: Poor eyesight, Can't see very far, wears no armor.

Lizard Tribe: The children of Sand.
Main city: Anima
Bonuses: Can walk on walls.
Weaknesses: None

Swamp Tribe: Green.....
Main city: Pos
Bonuses: Masters of disguise.
Weaknesses: Needs water to survive.

Centaurs: Human horses.
Main city: Linox
Bonuses: Extremely fast on land.
Weaknesses: Cant swim.

Schools you can chose:

School of Defender: Sword and Shield.

School of War: Two Handed Sword, Spear.

School of Arrow: Bow and Arrows. Throwing weapons.

School of Assassin: Daggers or Two Short Swords. Throwing weapons.

School of Magic: Staff and one dagger or short sword. Spells are boosted.

School of Iron: Hammer or Other Giant Weapon.

Magic paths you can chose
No Magic - Boosts Power.

Ice Magic:
Ice Bolt - Launches Bolt of Ice
Blizzard - Summons short Blizzard.
Frozen Touch - Freezes Something you touch.

Fire Magic:
Fire Bolt - Launches Bold of Fire.
Inferno - Summons a flaming rock rock from the sky with small explosion radius.
Fire Breath - You breath Fire, short range.

Earth Magic:
Stone Wall - Summons a Stone wall.
Earth Lance - Summons an lance from the ground.
Iron God - Can repair everything with a touch.

Sky Magic:
Heal - Replenishes small amount of health to you. Large amount of health if you use it on someone else.
Sky Rage - Sends razor sharp wind at the target.
Sandstorm - Summons short Sandstorm.

Jester Magic - Randomly casts one magic.

You can use only 1 kind of magic per turn.

Everyone starts with the school they chose. There are some extra items if you kill certain supreme beasts.


Location: Badwith

Drops Staff of Water. With it you can use ice magic and the magic you have.

The Titan

Location: Kelos Islands.

Drops Infernal Sword - Two Handed. You can use Fire Slash that cuts trough everything. You can use it once in 5 turns.

Nymph of Life

Location: The Heaven Tree.

Drops Life Shield. With it you can use protection spell that block any kind of attack. Only 3 uses.

You can go after the bosses any time. First you have to find them. They are Very Hard to Kill. Each one has a weakness.

Gold is used to Travel Faster.

Character Sheet:

Magic Path(If you have one):

Everyone starts with 100 gold. You can begin in the Following Cities :

Deragon,Pathway Tower, One of the Thorn Cities - 1,2,3 or 4, Hedos, Jados, Mecho, Lisan, Zeio, Dark Soth, Light Soth,Soir and Darnar.


Name: Zero Furrbone
City: Lisan
School: School of War
Magic Path: Jester magic
Class: Lizard Tribe.
Life: 100/100
Gold: 100
Items: Health Potion, Fire Gem, Explosive Substance
Weapons: Normal Spear.


[b]Game starts when 6 players Sign Up. If you survive till the finale battle, you will have to fight the other players. Or you can kill them if you find them :/ Or team up ? your choice

If someone chose certain city to start, no one else can start in the same city.[/b]

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