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the year is 1984, Tensions between the Eastern Bloc, and NATO are boiling over. Neither side wants to step down, and large build up of forces are everywhere The Doomsday Clock is now at 11:57 The only time it's been closer to doomsday (Midnight) was in 1957. (Historical Divergence) Now many nations are dissolving into internal conflict, only a few nations manage to hold their own, but lose a lot of territory, whether it be for Communism, Democracy, Neither, or just plain Anarchy. Now much of Europe, Asia, and even a lot of the Americas are dissolved into squabbling city states, with (for the times) primitive technology like simple bolt action rifles, and basics for civilization (Agriculture, basic buildings, a list of simple laws, etc.).

Leader Name:
Bio: optional
Faction: This is what your city state fights for: Democracy, Communism, or Neutral, remember, if you're gonna play a Democratic russian city state, or a communist British city state, don't expect to have any allies
City Name: Can be real, or made up, don't be silly
City Standard:
Population:8,000 (Split between the below 3)
Soldier Types: Militia
Buildings: 800 Houses, Town Hall, Conscription Center,
Vehicles: (For War) none
Defenses: none
Allies: none
ResourcesCatch all currency)50,000
Morale: Average
Events: Your city State has been formed

this will focus on war (and peace), for the most part. And i believe this is it.

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