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Its a question that should be looked at even when we feel we have no time. People as it is have way to much of a busy life and not enough time to relax and do what they want all the time.

So why is it that we come to AG? Why do we take time out of our busy schedules to come onto a internet site and play games? Well within this post you should tell me; but not just me but the entire AG community. Tell us why YOUR here. How this effects you as a person. How it makes your life better or worse.

I'll start off. I am currently a personal trainer in training I am going to college for my Exercise Science Degree. TO most of you that means I'm all "healthy healthy healthy no computer" and yes I try to be healthy but without the simple joys of playing and letting loose some times makes me very unhappy and makes life seem a little more grim. I come to AG to play video games, see the community and the great people here, and most of all to get away from life outside into another life within the waves of technology.

So tell me your story. AG wants to know.

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