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Yo! This is one of my first RPGs, (although some will remember my Blob RPG ) and if you have any advice/suggestions please let me know!

The Story
2145. Europe, Asia and America. A three sided war. But now Europe has discovered technology that will change the war. The genetic plant in Austria has been chugging away, unnoticed by American and Asian soldiers. Now, it has genetically engineered...
The Elites.

Humans capable of powers beyond comprehension. Abilities to control the elements. Soon they will be unleashed on the Americans and Asians in a pincher attack.
And you are one of the elites.

Char Sheet

Description: (Optional)
Inventory: Nothing (Leave empty)
XP: 0/10 (same as above)
Level: 1
HP: 100/100
Power: (See Below

The main powers:
Water: Water manipulation: Ability to summon waves, use steam, Etc.
Fire: Fire manipulation: Burn stuff, summon smoke etc.
Earth: Earth manipulation: Rock smash, summon mud, etc.
Air: Air manipulation: Summon wind, Boost higher etc.
Life: Healing, summon plants and animals, etc.
Darkness Shadow abilities, Curse, Soul-sucking, etc.
ElectricityManipulation of electricity: Zap, paralyse, Thunder, etc.
Metal Creation and manipulation of metal: Blade creation etc.
Body Manipulation Pretty much shape shifting except no animals/beasts yet until you level up. Just alterations of the body: height, stronger bones, etc.

If you have any ideas for powers just say and I might add it to the list.

Let's hope this works!

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