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Hi! As you may know, I love making zombie RPG's. I also like to add a large amount of realism into them as well. A very large amount. So, with that said, here is an example of this games character sheet.

Name: Stan Marsh
Age: 18
Clothing: Black hoodie, black jeans, black Nike shoes
Items: Rectractable Fishing Rod, 4 pieces of mint flavored bubble gum
Right Hand: 6" Kitchen Knife
Left hand:
Body Tempurature: Average
Last Ate: 3 hours ago
Last Slept: Since 6:30 A.M.
Last Drank: 15 minutes ago
Infection: 3%
Sanity: 76%
Honor: 14%
---Body Conditions---
Head: 100%
Torso: 100%
L. Arm: 100%
R. Arm: 100%
L. Leg: 100%
R. Leg: 100%
Perks: None
Shelter: House in Merryville
Power Supply: Low
Water Supply: Plentiful
Population: 52 survivors
Health: 94%
Items: Clothing, silverware, lots of furniture, decorations, etc.
Other House Inhabitants: Young Woman (Sarah), & Old Couple

That's a lot of stuff, right? Well... in order for it to be a GOOD game, its gotta have some beef. And also, if you look at the Items category in the character sheet, you'll see that the character had Mint flavored gum. In real life, Mint flavored gum is said to have calming effects on people after chewing it. Not extreme calming effects, but enough to have a notice. That happens in the game as well. This game will incorporate any means of realism.

Now, usually there are stories that I give you that you can choose that challenge you in a specific way. I've come up with some pretty neat stories with specific challenges that will be brought to you within them. Some include trying not to go mentally insane, trying to keep order in a large community of survivors, surviving with a small group and trying to keep everyone nourished, and so on. They will be set up in categories, depending on how difficult they will be. Also, there are chances that you will meet other players in the game, either by being shot at by one, or encountering one in any way. No story can be chosen more than once.

Easy Stories
-----You have been surviving inside of a lighthouse along the coast of an island for three months now. No zombies inhabit the island, but you're slowly losing your sanity. You're trapped here, but you've come up with a way to escape. While resting in the lighthouse, you've noticed a large landmass, which is barely visible. It may be another island, but your gut leads you to believe its much more than a pathetic little island like the one your on now. You've researched on how to build a boat to make your way over to the other landmass in hopes of finding civilization. You do know that zombies are around, but you've fled to this island two weeks after it happened. Your wife, Maria, and your niece that was visiting, had both been killed. You still haven't forgotten them, but the memories of happiness have long escaped you. You haven't laughed in months. The situation is definitely taking its toll.
Difficulties you'll have to face with this story:
-Keeping your Sanity (As your sanity lowers, you're character will start to create a mind of his own, and sometimes disobey the actions you choose for him/her. If sanity reaches 20% or lower, any actions you give for your character will most likely be changed into a dangerous or even a suicidal action. He will become careless, and eventually die from insanity.) Sanity starts off at 75% for this particular story.
-----You have been surviving along with a group of seven survivors for three weeks now. Its been a month since the zombies have attacked, and the plague has spread. You all haven't been getting along very well at all. There have been fights over wants the most food, who will lead, who gets to carry weapons, who can be trusted, who will do this, who will do that, and so on. The names of the survivors are Jonathan, Toby, William, Katie, Cheyenne, Zack, and Trevor. You make the eighth. Food is somewhat plentiful, but it will all be wiped out in about two weeks. Water is plentiful. It has been collected by rainwater buckets by precipitation. There are weapons for five people, and ammunition for only three. There are a total of four firearms and a melee weapon.
Difficulties for this story:
-Maintaining a healthy relationship between other survivors. Only very few of them are hotheaded, ad the others are fairly cooperative, but one person can cause an awful lot of trouble. Also, food, water, and supplies are not a problem until after about a week or two. Water will most likely never be a problem, as long as it rains a lot. Sanity is only a problem when you do terrible things, or if you are alone for far too long (as in a few months in-game).

Difficult Storie(s)
-----You are living in a giant society, filled with 82 survivors. Food isn't scarce, but it also isn't plentiful. very few people are hunters within the society, and there are even fewer scavengers. About half of the society has experience with weapons, such as firearms. Nearly everyone knows how to use melee weapons, except for the children, of course. Surprisingly, You, along with 6 other survivors have liberated the town of Sydney (just a random town name, nothing special) from the zombies, and fortified it against them. Basically, you and the 'dream team' have created a safe haven for survivors. Five years have passed, and eventually, it became a bustling society with the 82 survivors that it now contains. Unfortunately, like said earlier, there are only half of the population that have firearm experience. As for you and the original team, there are only three of you now out of the six. One of your good friends, Greg has died from a kidney infection, and the other two were killed by bandits. The bodies of those other two friends were never found, either. Your community has been attacked by many bandits, but has survived and the bandits have still not succeeded in claiming your land. You, along with the three others, have been leading the entire community so far, and all is going fairly well.
Difficulties for this story:
-Maintaining Peace and Order among your survivors. This won't be really tough to do, but since there are 82 survivors, it could be a little tedious.
-Training people to do what must be done. That means teaching people to hunt, scavenge, and overall, survive while doing so. You could also teach people to teach. In your character sheet, there will be a special category for this story. It will tell you what the community thinks of you, and how well they think you are doing. It will also tell you how many survivors know what to do, how many have jobs to do, and how many know how to fight. This story requires some EFFORT.

Harder Storie(s)
-----You have been surviving in a very weak-willed group of six people. You have all been exploring the land, and moving constantly to survive, and its been working. Problem is, your group has lost the the will to live. They've all lost their families, and they all agree on how depressed they are and how they all want to leave this world instead of hanging on to something that isn't worth hanging on to. You have lost your family to the apocalypse as well. Your two sisters, Abigail and Samantha, and your father, Brandon. Your mother divorced Brandon seven years before the apocalypse, so you have no feelings for her.
Difficulties for this story:
-Food and Water are a slight problem. Not too much of one, but in time, it will become a severe problem. Exploring and scavenging areas that you all pass as you advance across the land will help you gain some more. Everyone has backpacks, and everyone is packing their own supplies. What little supplies they have, that is. Everyone except for a teenager named Heather has a weapon. The others have only blunt weapons to attack with. You fear that if they wielded any time of firearm, they'd go nuts and commit suicide. They sure like to talk about it a lot.
-Keeping your own sanity will be a factor. Its not easy to keep it when your entire group constantly talks about suicide and how the world holds nothing more for humans. Your best options are to leave the group completely in hopes of finding a better one, or to try your best to stay away from them when they have conversations like that.

Nightmarish Storie(s)
-----You have been surviving alone in a large warehouse for only four days now. You have escaped from bandits, and zombies. Bandits now know where you are hiding, but the warehouse is your best chance at salvation. You have no clue why the bandits want you dead so badly, because you have nearly no supplies left on you. You have only a days worth of food, two days worth of water, and only a crowbar. You have a very small backpack, capable of holding only about 8 cans of food or about 4 bottles of water. There are a few amount of buildings to the left of the warehouse. One of them looked like a Barber Shop, and another beside that one looked like a Shoe Store. The other buildings couldn't be identified after being shot at while escaping to the warehouse. You have stayed in the warehouse for about an hour now, and no sign of bandits around. They haven't tried to break in and enter the warehouse yet, so you assume they left. They could come back at a later time though. Anything is possible.
Difficulties with this story:
-Keeping from starving. Bandit attacks will keep you from accquiring a lot of items most likely, as long as they don't damage you.
-Keeping from dehydration
-Keeping your sanity. Being chased by bandits constantly, and the fact that you are alone, just makes things worse.
-Keeping your life. There will be constant bandit attacks.

Special Storie(s):
-----You are a Bandit in a Bandit camp with fourteen others. You set out to terrorize survivors and steal whatever they may have collected. You also have a leader, named Saul. The bandit group has no name as of yet. You have been recruited as an assaulter. Saul was impressed with your experience with firearms, so you are also his body guard, along with another man with the name, Jackson. Your group of bandits also have a small system of order, believe it or not. There are three hunters, six assaulters, one recon man, one cook and his assistant, and You and Jackson as Saul's body guards.
Difficulties with this story:
-Not being killed by survivors or other bandit groups. Nothing is more humiliating than to be killed by a pathetic survivor, especially a lone one.
-Zombies aren't necessarily a problem, until your fellow bandits decide to open fire on survivors or such after an assault on them. Someone will need to take care of the zombies that run towards the gunshots. (Usually won't be you since you are a body guard. Saul tends to send you on 'special' missions.)
-Sanity, food, water, and supplies usually aren't a problem. They might arise as problems in the future, but they won't be extreme problems. They usually get handled by Saul. He knows what he's doing most of the time. He is intelligent, which is surprising for a bandit.

-----You are a member of the United States Military, tasked with searching for survivors and bringing them back to the main base of operations, called Shermanwood. It is a highly protected area, populated with survivors that have been rescued and other military personnel, patrolling the tops of the highly fortified outpost with advanced weaponry (No, not futuristic ones. Advanced as in Bandits or Survivors don't have them, unless they killed military personnel for them.) There are only 16 rescued survivors so far in the large outpost. You have been tasked with this mission only a week ago, and so far, you and your squad, Delta, are doing a magnificent job. There have been no encounters with hostile Bandits as of yet. There are radios that you and the other military personnel use for communication.
Difficulties for this story:
-Food, water, and supplies are not problems AT ALL. Neither is Sanity.
-Bandits can be pretty tough foes when it comes to firefights, so watch out. Its still extremely easy to die in this game. Try to be as careful as possible, survivors waiting to be rescued are depending on it.
-There are various vehicles inside the outpost, including three jeeps with mounted guns and ammunition, and a Helicopter. However, the Helicopter has no fuel, and has a busted fuel tank. That will have to be repaired and filled to use the Helicopter. It also has two mounted machine guns with plenty of ammunition, and enough space to hold about 8 survivors.
-By the way, Delta Squad has Six members, including you. The other squads will be shown on your character sheet to give you a better idea of what is going on in their squads. For example, if they radio in and say that one of their men is KIA, then the character sheet will show that Alpha Squad has only four men now instead of five. Just a simple thing like that.

Well, thank you for taking the time to read all of that. My hands definitely love me for it!

Oh, and by the way, its VERY EASY to die in this game, even in the easier stories.

Five players are allowed to play at once, and one story can be chosen by more than one player. If a story is chosen twice, then the two players will start with each other and progress from there. Enjoy!!!!!!

(Fill the basic stuff out for the char. sheets like name and such. If you don't know anything else, leave it blank. The PERKS section is to be left at 'none'. As you progress, you will gain certain perks. For example, if you run a lot, you will gain a perk called Physically Fit or something along those lines, which means you can run or be chased by a hungry horde of zombies for a longer period of time. AND ALSO, I can't leave this bit of info out. Some zombies are faster than others. It depends on how well nourished they are. If they are malnourished and haven't eaten anyone or anything for a long time, they become malnourished and they walk, or crawl. Well fed zombies are nourished and will sprint to obtain another meal. Thank you )

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