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Hello everyone. We all know a bunch of great people who left AG... so tell who that person/people are that was so special to you, tell they year they left, their last words, and there most valued words.

I know 2 that were really special to me.

Dragon303, left early 2012,

Last words: "Hey man I kinda quit the manly crew",

Most valued words:"hi r2, i really wanted to thqank you for taking time to stand up for me, and believing me. that's a true friend. even though i haven't met you in real life, you still act like im your real friend, once again, thank you."

greenplanet011, left late 2012,

Last words:"1.I'm not a perv,I'm a lil' bit of a troll
2.Your cousin,the one that fainted xD"

Most valued words: "I shall cross everything I have that can cross be crossed."

And if someone already posted that certain person, don't worry add more Last words and Most valued.

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