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Thread Background
Welcome to the second edition of ODOAPAI. The first Pickle thread was released during the summer, while inactivity and community managers were on people's minds. If you're like me, you've probably felt the activity tip up a little bit on the scale, but it's nowhere near where it could be. Because of that, I've decided to return to my lurker mode and seek out the topics regarding the site and its activity, as well as some topics regarding things unrelated to activity. We need to look back on how we got from the summer to now, the winter. We need explore what we have done, and where we need to go next as a community. We need to use the power we have to make AG strong again. We've made progress, but we need to continue paving the path.

Armor Games, I give you The User's View.

In the second edition, discussion will be the primary focus as opposed to large OP presented matters. As of such, any and all participants are encouraged to contribute anything at all.

Armor Games Background
Armor Games has started its onslaught of AG3 updates, which are essentially updates created to modernize the site. We have been promised updates to our messaging, AP, game, and forum systems, as well as some miscellaneous things. As these promises began becoming common knowledge to the common user, the AG city has almost started bustling again. No longer can you come to know every active user closely, and perhaps you like it this way, but we still need to raise activity. We can't let go of what we want.

Staff Changes
Part 1: The Ferret team
Ferret has been added alongside the current Armor Games administrators. But he didn't come alone. Tasselfoot, boppins, and heyitsleo came with him. When the "Ferret team" came about, the community was on the verge of death. Bugs, inactivity, spam, uncertainty, and general insanity rampaged throughout the community, and so the Ferret team was immediately put to work fixing bugs, welcome newcomers, banning spammers, and releasing information regarding AG3. As can be assumed, everything felt fine and dandy, until we finally realized what we needed to do next: keep paving the road back to success.

Part 2: Moderation
As one of the first major bringings done by Ferret, the moderation team chose to promote MrDayCee to the rank of moderator, adding to some much needed assistance with taking care of the community. Not only that, but many of the moderators came to being a common sight again. No longer did we have 1/2 moderators, but nearly the entire team has shown at least a hint that they were still around, still lurking. Could it be the hope that the site had been saved?

Part 3: John
Long-time veteran developer John switched to Armor Games' rival, Kongregate. When asked if this would be a problem, most people would use "John's games are gone" as a go-to response. Not necessarily true (won't go into specifics), because John's leaving was more psychological than literal problem. It hints towards uncertainty in the future of the people who control the site. What will we do without John? he was a piece of Armor Games that gave it its rich, iconic flavor. People came to the site to play games by John. Now, what if Kongregate sucks up the benefits of having an awesome developer instead of us?

Armor Games v3
While we have Ferret and his team, we are still in the dark on multiple issues concerning the new version of the site, AG3. Updates are undoubtedly less frequent than Cormyn's reign, and the community needs to know the absolute truth when it comes to the subject. What is being developed right now? What is only promised and what is planned? When can we expect more updates? What is higher on the priority list? Who is creating the updates specifically? How will they affect the site? Will they be major enough to help us continue down the path? Obviously, we need to have more answers.

With the coming of the Ferret team, multiple improvements have been made to the site as per Dan's and the community's request.

Bugs fixes
The deadly Rogue Glitch has been cured. The activity button is repaired. The cache updates. These are only some of the hundreds of awesome bugs fixes the team has made, essentially making the entire site bug-free, aside from a minor hiccup here and there.

Seasonal Armatars
Seasonal Armatars have been reinstated to assist with Armor Game's spirit, as well as giving the community something to do. Not only that, but fortunately this shows progress is being made, not only on our part but on the staff's as well.

Convenient/modernized layout
The site's layout has been improved upon, allowing for simpler reading, and frankly, a more modern feel. No longer does the site hold the same exact feel it has had for years, but some pages have underwent so many changes it looks like a completely different site. New change brings for more activity. The Forum Games and Newcomers section have also been granted AP for users posting.

a. Community page
The community page has had the addition of new sections, as well as the change of unused/inaccurate/outdated sections in order to allow for easier reading.

MMO games
The addition of the MMO category has brought a completely new breed of Armor Games citizens. It has expanded Armor Games from a simple flash gaming site, to a global, major MMO home. This has led to new people coming to the site.

The path is still being paved to success, but must be continued in order to reach maximum awesomeness!


Exiting thoughts,
Remember to keep the community strong by requesting more, participating in the forums, and helping out your fellow man.

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