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Quests are the extra achievement for Armor Games' users to enjoy, the bonus that unlocks when you reach certain in-game goals! But unfortunately... there can be bugs and/or glitches occuring that prevent you from unlocking that awesome shiny extra prize to gloriously show off with on your profile...

This thread is to provide a place to report problems with Quests so the Armor Games Staff can effectively look at them to squash the bugs and fix the glitches.

Some guidelines on how to report Quest problems...

Some Quests unlock instantly upon achieving a certain in-game goal, but sometimes they may need you to finish a specific level or reach a certain save point in the game to submit your progress. Please allow some time to pass and if it still does not unlock for you, report it here.

Make sure you always have an internet connection while playing a game that has Quests. If you play 'offline', some games fail to track in-game progress and this will result in (a) Quest(s) not registering/unlocking.

When given the choice, always choose the online save option for a game that has Quests. It is not a necessity for every game with Quests, but a lot of them track a Quest's progress this way. Want that Quest? > Use the online save...

When you post a report about a Quest problem, please make sure to add:
• The name of the specific game with Quest problems;
• The name of the Quest(s) that fail to unlock;
• Why (you think) the Quest does not unlock for you;
• A screenshot with proof in case you reached the in-game achievement(s) that match the specific Quest's info.

Please add my callout (@MrDayCee) to your report post in order to get the quickest response to your problem.

This thread is for problem reporting on QUESTS only please. All discussions about Quests in general need to be redirected to the Quests Forum and their designated Quest Chat thread. And if you want to give some feedback, or have ideas about Quests, you can do this in the Official Quest Feedback Thread!

Any problems with games, server glitches and bugs in general (all not Quest related) need to be addressed through our SUPPORT please.

Thank you for your help! Have fun and game on... HUZZAH! =)

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Arcuz has a bug where there is a quest called "Missing Anna". It is one of those levels where you need to kill all the enemies in order to leave/complete the quest. I've killed all the enemies and yet I still can't complete the quest. Looking at a Youtube video, there are suppose to be two slimes that appear but they aren't appearing which stops me from completing the game

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Holyday City Reloaded Bug:

TypeError: __GLOBAL__sub_I_Thread_cpp_65479 is not a function

I am getting this error on the game attempting to load.

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