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Welcome to the newest contest on ArmorGames!

This is the new and improved version of both the Periodic Poetry Contest and the Haiku Contest. From this point out, both contests will be combined into one massive contest for everyone to enjoy! And as such, each user is allowed to enter is both contests with separate entries if they so desire, effectively doubling the odds of winning.
Each contest (One being general poetry and the other exclusively haiku) will have one winner every month. Every month, two winners (one from each contest shall be chosen and receive a merit for all their hard work. Show it off to your friends, gloat about it to your enemies! Tell your parents about it and confuse them! It's a win-win-win-win-win scenario, folks.


General Poetry Contest:
- It must fit the theme if the month (same theme as the Haiku Contest).
- It must be submitted by the deadline.
- It cannot have inappropriate language in it.
- It cannot be stolen (if you plagiarize, we will find you).
- The poem must be created for this contest
- A user cannot win twice in a row (though everyone is welcome to submit every month!)
- Only one submission per user will be accepted

Once a month a winner will be chosen from all the received entries. To begin, the Moderation/Administration Team will act as judges and choose winners. Subject to change depending on how well things go.
The winner will then make a comment on the ContestWinners profile to receive a merit.
(Original idea by ubertuna, itemized rules by DragonMistress, modified by Devoidless)

Haiku Contest
"A Haiku is a Japanese lyric verse form having three unrhymed lines of five, seven, and five syllables, traditionally invoking an aspect of nature or the seasons."
Well, that said, here are the rules:
- It must fit the theme of the month (same as General Poetry Contest)
-The haiku must be original (no plagiarizing)!
- It must be submitted before the deadline
- It must be created for the contest (no using works previously written)
- One submission per user
- The same user cannot win twice in a row (but they are welcome to submit!)

Once a month a winner will be chosen from all the received entries. To begin, the Moderation/Administration Team will act as judges and choose winners. Subject to change depending on how well things go.
The winner will then make a post on the ContestWinners profile to receive a merit.
(Original idea and itemized rules by Maverick4, modified by Devoidless)
First Themes
The first themes to kick off this contest shall be:
- The theme for the General Poetry contest this run is "Touch of Truth".

- The theme for the Haiku contest is "Broken Bond".
Submitting an entry
Since there are two separate contests, users are required to mention in the post which contest they wish to use the entry for. Any entry without this is subject to not being entered into either contest.
Examples of how to clarify which contest an entry is for:

This poem is for the General Poetry contest

-This is for the Haiku contest

I'd like to enter this for the General Poetry/Haiku contest

Remember, each user is allowed to join both contests!

Alright! Looking forward to seeing what you all can create! Good luck, and have fun with it!
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This is for the Haiku contest

seasons change wildly
friendship lost some old some new
lay to rest your mind

on a personal note this is the first Haiku I have ever written and I am not sure if I understood the structure correctly

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Oh, how I loathe thee
For I cannot hold pen
I suck at haiku

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Touch of Truth
This poem is for the General Poetry contest:

Touch of Truth

I love you (When you stroke my hair)
I love you (When you show you care)
I love you (When you laugh out loud)
I love you (When you leave the crowd)
I love you (When you hug me tight)
I love you (When we dance in the night)
I love you (When you say, "You're mine&quot
I love you (But only some of the time)

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This Entry is for the General Contest

Based on achievement unlocked 2

Running, Jumping, Killing myself.....
Flying, Buying, Pooping Pastries on a shelf....
I do this all for the achieves...
But when i get it all....What will i be?
I'm Just an elephant....
Why am i Blue?
Trying to Escape
Im not done here....
That feels....Too true
Using WASD as controls....
Teleporting....with no control
Running on my wheel....
Backwards I spin......
What will happen....
When i win?
Will I go and turn to Dust?
Will You keep playing,
Till I must?

For Haiku

Death is a chaser
You run from him, Your Whole Life.....
Everyone does

When You run too Long
You are suddenly Alone
Everyone got caught

When does the Chase Stop?
When will you open your eyes?
All of your friends died

Death becomes a friend,
For, Everyone else is gone.
Then you stop running

Hope this is good

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For Haiku

Pretty sure you can only submit a single stanza for a haiku.
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This is for the general poetry contest :P

Once a lie within my face,
The pain at a constant pace.
Now it haunts me in my place.
Killing me without a trace.
Tell me, my child
Why does this seem so wild.
Please stop right now
Before it gets around
How an opposing act of truth you may say
Something not only used in May
Truth is a blessing I have to admit
Doesn't it just like to tick?
Please give it a try my son
For your lesson may have just begun
A touch a truth is not a statement
Its even something that is pretty ancient
Now you get it, I was getting quite impatient.

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[/b] Haiku Contest

How Winter Has Been

Good winter has been,
spring i hope is to be great,
yet spring is to come.

General Contest:

How Winter Passes:

Summer was hot and dry,
Spring was so nice I could cry,
Fall had some wonderful leaves,
But Winter was more than I could believe.
Still it went quite fast,
Oh, how I wish it would last.
Oh, how winter passes.

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For Haiku contest
Subject:"Broken Bond"

The two separate
They each have chosen their path
Their bond is broken

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sorry what that mean :do i writ a song or a poem or i draw a picture?
and what the theme or the subject that i will do these ?
whats the prize?
what we do in haiku contest?
when is the last time i will submit?

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For the general poetry contest with the theme of "touch of truth":

Where Life Met Death
A terza rima sonnet
Dedicated to all affected by the AIDS epidemic in Africa
Based on a true story

In cells both dank and dark I made my stay
Among the lepers of this day and age.
They told us not to touch them, lest we lay
Bedridden as they did from deadly phage.
But in those dim lit eyes I saw the depths
Of loveless pain that grew from former rage.
Living life was labor, like his breaths
Which barely seemed to hold his soul in place.
He could have died a myriad deaths
Before I finished sharing of God's grace
And touched his head, for something seized my hand
To court my death. Instead his crying face
And life eternal God had fully planned,
That selfless love he'd finally understand.

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For Haiku contest
Subject:"Broken Bond"

Covalent bonds, as
strong as they hold together
can break, like my heart.

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I don't normally do this sort of thing, but I'm fresh out of blue elephants. I'm sure you know how it is. This is for the general poetry contest.

Pedant's Lament
-D. Joseph Holmes

âTis better one should live in darkness unheedingly
Than ever once realise he walks in nightâs sombre cloud
It is a greater blessing that man should not see
That sweet Illusionâs mantle his sense and passions shroud

For what is there to be won with a mere
Touch of Truth? What prize in stark virtue?
What hero will see the world stripped bare
And not from then live that day to rue?

O, reader! O, my intimate, heed me well!
Quit your quest for that poisnâd Pierian brook!
Hold for truth only this lesson I tell,
And consign to flame every other book.

There is no glory in knowledge, naught
To be learned but will shackle and chain thee.
Therefore, my friend, refuse to be taught
And leave this hell to lonely men like me.

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This is slightly based off Naruto so.... yeah (but totatally original Haiku, unless somehow is exact same to another XP)

My Haiku

We were like brothers
But we walked different paths
Now I must save you

My G. Poem

They say the truth will set you free
but sometimes it's hard to see
I know it's really painful
But lying is truly shameful
But sometimes you must
Be someone people can trust
Because bending what's true
Hurts no one but you

Hope I interpreted the theme correctly XP

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Are we allowed to make suggestions for people's poems?

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This poem is for the General Poetry contest:

(Touch of Truth)

Roses are red
Elephant is blue.
It's going to be mine,
It's of no use to you.

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