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There was once a special private school protected by an invisible barrier. It is said that only those who were wealthy or descendants of a royal family . Though some people chose to defy that law.

Please note that this is a semi literate role play meaning you cannot type one or two liners.

So in an alterate universe around 2065 in a city called Genera, a man built an anti-gravity field tower. This tower was used to manipulate gravity to make things around it float up into the sky or plummit strait into the ground. 15 years later, a young woman was facinated by the tower. She wanted to know more and what it can do. She did some reaserch and came up with an idea. To build a school up in the sky.With the inspiration of the anti-gravity tower, she made an island that defies gravity floating in the sky. Not falling and held in place by some chains. That was when the school was built. It was named The En Academy. And the woman became the headmistress and founder of it.

The woman then wanted to build more. Like a giant park with fields of flowers and a bigger fountain in the lobby of the school. But she couldn't afford to buy anymore. She places a notice Only students of royal blood will recieve free admission to the En Academy. Those who are not must pay a fee of $7500 every year. Plus a fee of $50 for a plane ride and $300 for school supplies and uniforms Many people throught she was taking it too far, or so the commoners thought. These everyday people who dreamed of flying up to see the school have their dreams crushed. But a few rule breakers snuck their names into the attendance for free access.

Of course, these people are close to poor and their parents are too busy making money to support the family to realize it. This is where the story begins.


We hate them, but we can't just ignore them either!

~No spamming or trolling.
~No mary sues/gary stus
~No one/two liners, if you have writers block, please describe the character's actions(ie, looking at something, listening to something etc)
~Please be active at least twice a week and notify me if you are going on vacation
~If you read this, put "I'm more than weathly" on top of you character sheet
~no flooding
~No love at first sight or those kind of quick romances.
~For the love of god BE REALISTIC!
~Use proper grammer and spelling
~If anything r18+rated happens, take it to your messages or time skip.
~Romance is allowed but PLEASE only hugs and kisses!
~Discard rule 5
~If you've read this far, put "I'm here to learn" on your character sheet
~No cursing unless you censor the entire word
~No throwing insults at eachother and play fair
~Have fun

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