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(First let me state that this not a original idea from me, it is a sort of sequel to a RP I participated in but had to leave for a bit and to my dismay it vanished)

Some years ago, a heroic group of dragons and their riders stopped a rebellion threatening the safety of the island that had protected it for so long but during this quest they discovered something even bigger and learned of their ancestry as well as their inheritance. They travelled all around collecting these artifacts and completed their quest and took on all threats that came to them. It has only been 22 years since these times and but a threat all too new to the island has emerged and is slowly beginning to take form...

You may have two characters, being either a human or dragon and multiple type dragons are allowed within reason

Here is mine (I will also be commanding other characters to enrich the story)

Race: Human
Sex: Male
Class: War Mage
Weapon of Choice: A magical halberd staff passed down to him from his mother
Description: Black hair with faded green eyes that are deceivingly kind and soft for his brute but handsome appearance. His armor is cleverly and masterfully made but elegant. His trust is hard to earn but it a loyal companion
Bio: He started training at a very young age from his mother in the ways of arcane and martial arts, his father teaching him weapon skills as well as physical training. He met his dragon companion as a result of their parents having close relations. They quickly became paired and grew up side by side. He set out on his own with his friend for a couple of years and gained much experience but is still a little green.

Race: Dragon
Sex: Female
Class: Light/Dark
Description: Her hide is a slick black with hints of purple dashing through indicating her dark dominance, the only indication of her light side being the white stripe down her tail. She is mischievous at times but very caring at heart despite her attempts to appear otherwise.
Bio: She was raised only by here mother and knew only of what was told about her father, from her understanding he was a loving, gentle, powerful dragon but sometimes to rash. She has a twin brother but he now spends most of his time wrapped in books at his uncle's house trying to learn every bit he can. Her parents' story is a sad tale from what she had heard and has always wanted to know the exact details. She protects her rider with her life as he is her best and possibly only friend

(you may also include pictures that resemble your character. Nothing Bad!)

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