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Gather all ye Armorites!


Today we begin our ultimate quest in service to the almighty Comunidad de Armor! We must suit up in our best Armatars and set out to fight the evil, monstrous beast known as Inactivity. Wield your posts and your threads, for they are the only weapons powerful enough to injure the seemingly invincible beast that rampages through our community.

Today, April 1st, 2013, is the very first day of the War of Falta de Actividad. It's the Armorites against Inactivity. We know the consequences if we are to lose, so we must begin the fight today! However, we must figure out how we're going to do it first!

Our Plan of Action

This war will require the services of all ye loyal Armorites; however, we're going to need backup. If you know someone who has free time and doesn't have to tend to their feudal lords or work in the Gondorian fields, tell them to join our plight!

We're absolutely going to need to cooperate if we're to defeat the evil Inactivity. Though, mere cooperation will only take us so far. We need to develop a clear cut plan to slay the putrid beast!

Sir Salvidian's Proposition

As with any full-scale war, we need a colorful mix of well trained men (and women, as this is an equal society). We need soldiers, bookkeepers, cooks, generals, and equipment operators. I propose we recruit people of all categories and divide them accordingly. After that, we begin our actual plan in dealing with our enemy.


Perhaps the backbone of our army, these men will carry out the actual fighting. They will post in order to directly fight. This rank is open to absolutely anyone and everyone and is a fairly easy field to work in. Being a soldier merely requires you to participate in the forums a bit more than usual. You will also be expected to occasionally report where and when you've posted, but, because this is supposed to be a simple rank, a simple report is all that is needed.


The bookkeepers will have a fairly sophisticated role. They will analyze where to attack and they will analyze how to attack. They will create the innovative threads that will be used as weapons. These are the inventors. They will remain in this thread, the Armorites' HQ, and will converse among themselves.


The cooks will have a very laid-back role. It is only required that they keep spirits up o the Armorite side. They'll be the comedians, the musicians, and, ultimately, the entertainers. They are required to crack jokes on a day-to-day basis just to keep morale gong strong.

Equipment Operators

These men ensure that the threads and posts are working. If they aren't, they are to inform the bookkeepers and work alongside of them using their on-the-battlefield experience to help the bookkeepers develop better weapons.


The generals will carry out the most sophisticated role of all: they will ensure that everything runs smoothly. Their mission is to give input towards those who need a boost. They'll also control recruitment. They will be the leaders of the Armorites.


Recruitment will be easy: sign up by saying what role you want and check back to see if a general has approved.

In Summary

We'll be fighting Inactivity by building an army! Most of this will be based on Improvisation, and it'll be a fun (I hope) experience.

Get to it men! If you have a question, I'll answer it! HOORAH!

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