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The year is 2018 and through a tremendous accident, the world of magic was unveiled for the human race. Governments all around the world out of fear of their power, created separate housing and special schools that they are shipped to right after their 18th birthday to learn how to control their powers completely. It doesn't help that there is a small group of worldwide rebels who fight for freedom for all of the arcane. There is also a group of mages loyal to the governments and run the school and the towns thus granting them special privileges. The School is a enormous complex almost large enough to be called a city, it teaches every arcane novice from every part of the world. You are a child with the arcane gift and today is going to be your first day at your
new home for the next few years....

Character Info
Male or Female

If you wish to be a teacher, ask and I may approve..
You can have two characters if you can handle it

My two:
Name: Headmaster Vladimir Stokonov
Bio: Vladimir was taught magic from his mother in the bustling city of Moscow where his family kept low. He spent many years in the military and almost made it to general when the incident happened. Seeing his loyalty to his country and willingness to follow orders. He was a prime candidate for headmaster.
Description: He has black hair with several streaks of gray. Despite his age he is in good shape and stands at a hefty 6' 3" With brown eyes. A large scar goes from his right cheek down his neck. He is kind despite his rough exterior but strict like his military training. His students wear uniforms that reflect his military background.
Country: Russia

Name: Desmond Smythe
Bio: Desmond was born in the lower parts of his neighborhood and had ro fend fornhimself after his parents mysteriously died. He knew one day he would have to leave for the academy like all th others had to. He had a bad feeling about the entire idea. He worked where he could until his 18th birthday when soldiers came to his door and without warning, took him away.
Description: He is a loner by choice. He has arcane potenial as he parents told him once. He stands 6' 2" with blue eyes and has a muscular build from his physical training. He is a free and often rebellious spirit.
Country: Britain

It can start as soon as the first person joins up and there are no late submissions

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