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I've thought about religion alot lately and beleive I have learned few things
"God didn't create man, man created God" Bonus points if you recognize the quote.Back to my point I do beleive that quote to be true in one sense or another, what I beleive is that god is a fictional character created in the place of the all powerfull hand of fate that guides the way of the universe and It's inhabitants.You see this thing that we invision to be an all powerfull entity is really just a tangible form of something to complex to comprehend so we create this Idol in our heads to put everything together, to explain mystery and excite wonder.To sum up this lesson all things are one and we envision it as such and we call it a god.One last thing about the "everything is one" line.Lock your fingers together and tell me were one hand ends and the other begins.Please feal free to critisize I just wanted to know what people would think about this.

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