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*Moderators/Administrators, please lock this thread whenever you so choose*

I just wanted to make a formal apology to everyone on Armor Games for my misbehavior, years ago. Back then, I posted something very disrespectful and cretinous on this section of the forums, reserved for serious discussion. At the time, my undeveloped mind could not spare patience and tolerance for differing beliefs and views, but now, I return to say sorry on behalf of the ignorant child who once posted here.

This thread may be deleted at any time. I simply have the need to banish this old worry and regret. Other users need not reply with acceptances of declinations of my apology; this act is one for my own personal redemption, though I would appreciate the forgiveness of the other Armor Gamers I may have offended as well.

Thank you for your time, should you have read this. I wish you all a good day/night.

TL;DR - Kipdon do bad thing. He sorry.

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If it means anything, I can't recall what it is you posted.

If anyone who was offended still remembers what you posted, they'll understand where the apology is coming from.

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