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The modifications refer more to improvements, not criticizing...
These are some suggestions that might can improve the forum.

----------- E D I T B u t t o n-------------

It is generally known that the absolute majority of users wants Edit button!
Mistakes are possible, we all make mistakes.There is no unmistakable user.
We all want sometimes to fix or correct the post that we made.For example, I missed to tell something, and I think it's important, I'll have to post it again.
And not everyone is good with English grammar and spelling, and when he noticed that something is wrong, he can correct it.

In any case, Edit button would improve the quality of posts.

But since abuses are possible, there should be a time limit in which the modifications are possible! Or other limitations, for example you can only correct the last post that you made. Or is it required to put the reason for the correction.

It also can serve as a preview of the post!

---Who is online and who is offline?---

I think this can be useful.


Examples of when all are offline

Examples of when all are online

or something like this

More advanced function would be:

Subscribe to a topic, and receive an e-mail alerts when something new appears

I have much more in my mind, but for now I do not have a solutions for
possible abuses

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