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Hello and welcome to Anthill RPG! This is your host, Nilo the Ant.

The purpose of this out-of-character thread is to settle all questions and doubts that may surface before the actual RPG begins, to avoid getting the actual RP thread cluttered with questions and doubts that could have been answered before. That being said, feel free to ask any questions. This thread is here to answer them, after all.

Let's get down to business, shall we?

Okay. Some main rules are pretty straightforward.
1. Proper grammar and spelling is one of the most important. If english is not your 'best' language, just do the best you can.
2. Keep your actions reasonable. Don't try to go over the edge.
3. If you lose, remember that it's just a game. No reason to get mad at others.
4. When the victory conditions are met for a person, that's that. He/She wins.

The Map, the place in which the RPG will take place in.

Here is the sheet that will be used, along with short descriptions for each of the points (eliminate the spaces and information when you're done):

Name Pick a name for your insect/arachnid nation. Replace the 'Name' with it. Examples: "The Empire of Antopia", "The United Anthills of Example".

Race: Pick an insect/arachnid species, such as "Fire Ants" or "Common Termites". Once you pick your species, it's taken, which means that nobody else can choose it as well. There can be many players using Ants as their species, but only one player using Fire Ants or Bull Ants. The species that you can't pick (in any form) are: Mantises, Tarantulas and Scorpions, as these will be important NPC factions.
If you pick Bees or Wasps, or such an insect (with wings), note that they will not be able to fly, as this would be an unfair advantage.

Main Anthill/Lair/Nest: Name your capital insect/arachnid anthill or lair or nest, as well as its location. It can be anywhere in the British Isles except in London, The Ise of Man, Edinburgh, Dublin, or Cardiff.
Example: "Antopia, East Scotland". Replace Anthill with Lair, Mound, or such if necessary.

Cities under Control: Leave blank. The cities that fall under your control will be listed here, as well as their respective food income. Ex. Glasgow+X.
Food: Start with 200. To keep the heart of the RPG (its relative simplicity), there is only one material, and it's this, food. Use food to research technology, train soldiers, and pretty much everything else.

Food Income: Start with 30. This is how much food you receive each turn, be it by farms, trade, tax, and tribute. It can be increased by technologies, threatening another faction, or gaining territory.

Technology: Leave blank. Your technologies will be added here.

Age: the Age of Stone. This age is the one your species is currently in.
Soldiers: Start with 300. Soldiers are your main fighting force.

Soldier Cost: Put here a 100. Soldiers can only be trained in companies of 100 soldiers. This tells you how much food it'll cost you to train 100 soldiers. According to your weapons, and certain technologies, the cost can either increase or decrease.

Weapons: Start with none. These are the weapons your soldiers will fight with. You can pick a maximum of two different weapons at the same time, unless a technology modifies this. All your soldiers are equipped with the same weapons.

Vehicles: Start with 50 grasshoppers. Vehicles for your soldiers to ride and fight in/from.
Here is a blank space. As the RPG goes on, more will be added (for example, how close you are to winning).

Now, let's proceed to several other rules!

How To Win/Objectives

Your objective in this RPG is to become the dominant insect species in Britain. The way to achieve this is to, well, win. There are several ways of winning. Here's the list:

1. Basic Victory: be the only remaining species in Britain.
2. Conquest Victory: conquer and hold London for 5 turns.
3. Scientific Victory: build a rocket and launch it to space.
4. Military Victory: build a WMD and blow up everyone.
5. Cultural Victory build a Wonder and hold it for 5 turns.

The player must be in possession of his/her main Anthill/Lair/Nest to win. it is also to be noted that if a player loses whilst attempting victory (for example, the player builds a Rocket and someone else destroys it), the player can try to win again (by building another rocket).
The winner gets a..uhâ¦a prize!



Technology is pretty straightforward. You just pick a technology from the tree that must be linked to a technology you already researched, pay up what it costs, and in the next turn it'll be available. Simple, right?


Since you're insects/arachnids, workers come in pretty large numbers. That's why you have an unlimited supply of them. They can't fight, however. A single soldier can kill scores of workers.


Food can be obtained through several means. You could just rely on your food income, which provides a slow but steady supply of it. You could have your soldiers forage in the woods, which yields a moderate amount of food. You could raid other anthills for food. Or you could be creative and obtain food through other means.


Soldiers and Soldier Recruitement

Soldiers are a bit more complicated than workers, though. To train soldiers, state how many you'd like to train, pay the cost, and then receive your soldiers the next turn. Note that soldiers can only be trained in companies of 100. You could, however, train as many companies as you're able to in a turn (you could train 200 soldiers in a turn).

Weapons and Vehicles

I hope this doesn't mix people up.

The real purpose of weapons is to allow your soldiers certain actions. For example, you could order some archers to attack a group of spearmen from a safe distance. The spearmen, if equipped with shields, could retaliate by forming a shield wall, if equipped with shields. The same applies to vehicles. Ordering a group of soldiers to mount some grasshoppers, then charging at the archers.


In a PVP battle, things could turn out rather different. If one player read the other's actions before posting, he could just retaliate and have an unfair advantage. This is why you will be able to e-mail your actions to the email I just created!
For every PVP battle there will also be a map, in which you could make your soldiers climb hills, ford streams, etc.. There will also be a battle map for every Player-Environment battle of respectable size. Don't worry, I have lots of free time.


Player Alliances or Agreements

Players are able to ally one another to fight a common foe, declare war on one another, and/or engage in certain agreements (Ex. attack that guy and I'll pay you). Keep in mind that your ally is also allowed to betray you, so be cautious!
It is also to be noted that an Alliance could also win together, under one condition. The species of the members of the alliance must all be related in some way. For example, an alliance of Fire Ants and Bull Ants could win as a team, but an alliance of Fire ants with Wolf Spiders could not.

Players are allowed to sell or buy technology to other players.


I'm more than open to suggestions/questions/complaints/threats, so don't hesitate!

Here goes nothing...*clicks the submit button*

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