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This thread is a place to discuss quests for Crush the Castle Adventures. Here is a list of the current quests available for this castle-crushing game...
Yada Yada Yada
Watch the entire scene from Hamlet in the level "Cultured".
Hardness: Easy
Throw Like A Girl
Throw underhanded with the trebuchet.
Hardness: Easy
Warning Shot
Throw over a castle without hitting it.
Hardness: Easy
Easy Peasy
Beat the first area.
Hardness: Easy
Attack and animal with bees.
Hardness: Easy
I'm Sorry
Crush 25 people.
Hardness: Easy
Now It's Serious
Destroy 50 castles.
Hardness: Medium
New Braces
Hit someone directly with an Iron Sphere
Hardness: Medium
Set 10,000 blocks, people, or animals on fire.
Hardness: Medium
Secret Recipe
Kill a chicken 3 different ways.
Hardness: Medium
Birdie Shot
Beat 5 levels in 1 shot where 2 or more shots are required.
Hardness: Hard
I Feel Stronger
Complete all the levels in the main campaign.
Hardness: Medium
Clucked Away
Find and kill the hidden chicken.
Hardness: Hard
Midair Collision
Collide two different projectiles together in midair.
Hardness: Hard
High Score
Get a score of 350,000 or better on any level.
Hardness: Hard
Get gold medals on all levels in the main campaign.
Hardness: Hard

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