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Here is my walkthrough of:
Monsters Den The Book of Dread

Choosing your characters and skills

These are the classes I suggest using before embarking on your quest. Also what skills to use when going through your journey.

Rogue - to massivly poison your enemies. Rogues also have a lot of quickness so they usually attack first. They also have alot of good skills

Skills I suggest to use with the Rogue

Poison - Even though the initial hit of this attack may not kill the enemy, the huge amount of poison damage will, this is a great skill to use for just wiping out the enemy

Pierce defenses - This is good to use against armored foes and it can still do alot of damage

Hide - This is a great skill to use if your rogue is low on health, also it gives a huge damage bonus on your next attack

Sneak attack - This attack is great, it can attack any enemy on the field and also it gives a large damage bonus, it is great when used in combination with the hide skill

Create opening - This skill is useful to just take down the enemy, because it basically attacks twice

Cleric - Clerics heal and even revive your party and that is a very large advantage against your enemy, although he may not have very good skills but it is a good trade off considering that they can heal your party.

Skills I suggest to use with the cleric

Heal - This is obviously a good skill to use because it replenishes the health of an ally if they are low on health

Smite - This is a good skill because it does 200% damage to the undead and that is huge, also, it is a guaranteed hit and it can hit any enemy on the field

Heal all - basically a great skill for healing the whole party when all health is low

Revive - simply to revive a fallen party member

Fervor - an amazing 200% damage bonus 'nuff said

Mage - Mages can to alot of damage to more than 1 of your enemies, they are actually powerhouses and are very good if you put them at the back of the line they don't get attacked very often, so the lack of armor doesn't really matter

Skill I suggest using with the mage

Freeze - A good attack for use on one enemy, it even has a chance at stunning the enemy

Fireball - A good attack to use on 2 or more enemies for a large amount of damage

electrical storm - This is a great attack that damages all enemies on the field, and for a large amount of damage too

Power siphon - If you are running low on power, just use this skill, it takes up to 30 power from all enemies on th field

Arcane Armor - Use this skill if you are going up against a large amount of baddies, then you have extra protection

Warrior - This guy is a powerhouse, he can use a variety of weapons so he can do a variety of things with him, his leadership skill helps alot when it is upgraded all that way because it basically lets you attack twice and it doesn't take up any power

Skills I suggest to use with the warrior

Power attack - With this, it lets you to focus a large amount of damage on one enemy, most of the time killing the enemy

Shield Wall - This is helpful if your party is in a bind and needs someone else to take the damage, usually warriors have very high damage resistance anyway so they don't take too much damage

Cleave - (be sure that your warrior is in the front row and in the middle when using this skill) This skill can do alot of damage to the front protecting row of the enemy, thus exposing the back row that cannot be damaged without ranged attacks (which are usually not as powerful as melee attacks)

Blood lust - This is useful when you are finishing off an enemy and you need some extra power

Execute - This is good if you have alot of power to use and you just want to get rid of a powerful enemy. (if you have 100 power it is a guaranteed kill)

Tip: Remember, after getting the desired battle skills, start upgrading the passive skills

Party Placement

Your Rogue should be in the front left
Your Warrior should be in the front middle
Your Cleric should be in the front right
Your mage needs the most protection, so he is in the back middle

Dungeon Navigation

When first entering a dungeon, first go through as much of the dungeon as you can without engaging in a fight, then start taking out all of the small squads of enemies, then heal and power yourself up for the large groups of enemies


Always use the "recommended" tab when equipping your characters with items
Well, this is the end of my walkthrough, I hope it helped

Tell me what you think and if you have any questions just ask me

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The bonus warrior can actually stay for a number of battles, if he is kept at full health. Although, even so he can still die randomly.

I've had him stay for and entire floor and the next. My level 450+ party is cleric mage ranger ranger (hardcore normal attrition). It helps when my party can wipe out the enemy party before they can do a thing. With anti-race setup even boss parties including the racial boss can die before they got a turn to act.

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Old game, but the best one.
I think I might as well take some initiative and put little thought here:
The team is critical. Although it is possible to have a team composed of only one class (best done with cleric and warrior if you're interested), it's much better to use a more well-balanced squad.

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I`ve always been skeptical about free PC games. I grew up in the great age of freeware discs, so my idea of a "free game" is something with limited capacities, poor art, and derivative gameplay.

That`s why the quality of Monsters Den: the Book of Dread blew my mind.

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