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First story posted on AG whoo!
My story is as follow. It may not turn out as good since there is no edit post, so I will not be able to edit post but w/e. Ill post a table of contents when It gets to other pages. THIS IS THE FINISHED STORY Also I am helped by a good friend name Rino_93 he is on a different site.

Mahta, Land Of Might


In the great land of Mahta anything is possible. Orcs roaming, Elves hiding, but Humans on the other hand, are always causing trouble. Elves are being raided by Orcs while Humans are wandering in Orc territory. One Elf named Koren is constantly haunted by thoughts in his head, and aims to bring peaceâ¦..
once and for all.

Chapter 1: Eterni

The sun was rising in the land of Mahta. Koren got off his bed, which looked more like a grassy hammock. Koren was 17, he lived in an Elven village named Eterni. He was of average height and had long blonde hair, like most elves his age. He wore old hand-me-downs from his father. Naturally they were too big for him, but Koren did not mind that much. He had pointed ears like all other elves. Also he was very skinny and did not have much muscle on him, but could stand his own in a fight and was one of the speedier elves in the village.

Koren grabbed his sword and sheath and went to the courtyard, a gigantic circular area with the Grand Tree in the middle.

Eterni was a village based on a circle. It was built this way to make it look smaller and more compact. Stores were placed around the Grand Tree in a circular fashion. There was also the houses, hidden in the branches of trees as to improve camouflage. The dense forest was supposedly hiding the elves. At this time many houses were ravaged due to the recent attacks.

None had been killed but there were many in the top section of the Grand Tree getting medical assistance. After a quick look around he walked to the Grand Tree.

He walked inside seeing the big finely carved table in front of him. Above the table were candles hanging from the ceiling, along with torches on the side.

Normally, when he woke there were thousands of people eating. He knew it must be early yet.

At the end of the table he saw two people. He walked over.
When he got there he noticed that they were his parents, Ken and Marie. He sat down next to them.

"Why are you up so early?" Asked Ken, his father.

"Nightmares; couldnât sleep." Said Koren, knowing he had partially lied.

"Are you alright?" Asked his mother, Marie.

"I'm fine, don't worry," Koren said.

âLast night was a little more than nightmares. My head was hurting like never before, and my dreams were constantly interrupted by a voice.â
Koren thought.

Soon the rest of the elves flooded in. The chefs came out with the food, brilliantly prepared as always.
A plate was put down in front of Koren. Full of non-meat products. Milk was offered, being the only drink besides water which Koren never liked. The rest were fruits and vegetables.

"Eat Up!" Said a chef with a smile on his face.

Soon the other elves were digging into their fruits and vegetables.
Koren looked down at the food. Not feeling hungry he quietly left unnoticed. Very rare occurrence Elves have very acute hearing.
He walked to the courtyard where young elves normally play, and sat down.

âI can't keep skipping meals or I will never grow strong,â
Koren thought to himself.

Koren lied down and slowly closed his eyes.

Koren woke up in a land of mountains, darkness everywhere, he saw that houses were made out of some material of rock, that had no order or alignment whatsoever.
Two big green creatures at least twice his size walked out of a house. He could not tell the gender of either but assumed that the foul beasts were both males.
Both spoke at the exact same time,

"Kor...en....We have been waiting for you..."

Koren woke up, shocked at what he had heard. Just then a loud crash came from the Grand Tree.
The Orcs were attacking for the third time this week.

Chapter 2: Distress
Koren unsheathed his sword, and quickly ran to the Grand Tree. The closer he got the more screams he heard, the more swords clanging. When he arrived he quickly noticed this was a bigger raid than before, at least fifty orcs in this raid aside from the usual twenty.

Koren quickly jumped into the air and slit the throat of one of the orcs. Another orc came from behind with an axe that must have weighed a hundred pounds. The atrocious monster attacked with the axe. The attack was slow and easy to dodge for the swift elf. Koren then had his chance to attack, but made a fatal flaw. He did not notice that another orc was coming from the right of him. Koren stabbed his sword in the stomach of the orc. He did not have enough muscle to pull the sword out. The other orc that was coming from the side had a club in his hand, and swung the club at Koren, almost knocking him unconscious. Being dizzy he slowly looked up at the massive orc. And suddenly a huge wind came and knocked the orc into a tree. Koren, thinking he was in a dream, fell backwards. And was slowly becoming unconscious. Then all the noise stopped. Suddenly only one voice⦠was heard.

Koren, your race will soon see much bloodshed. Three worlds will collide, and might will triumph. Your ancestors have seen your fate, and the Thrios will save the land of Mahta. Koren, your mind may be greater than you think.

Koren woke slowly. He heard voices coming from the room.

âHe will surly die from hunger if he is not awakened,â a voice said.

âHe will awake, donât worry nurse,â another voice said. This one sounding familiar in some way.

Koren knew he was in the upper segment of the Grand Tree. He sat up before feeling the medicine on his body.

âOh, your awake,â a nurse said.

âDid we win the battle?â Koren said.

âYes, but more were injured than before, you being the worstâ the nurse said.

âWhat happened?â Koren said.

âYou were knocked to the ground after a wind came up, everyone was worried you might be dead,â the nurse spoke with a fear in her voice.

âWho was that in the room?â Koren asked.

âThat was your father, Ken,â the nurse said sounding normal again.

âOh, I see.â Koren said noticing his voice was starting to go away.

âKoren,â the nurse said sounding fearful again.

âYâ¦eâ¦sâ¦.maâam?â Koren said, barely able to speak.

âYou should rest, the medicine on your body are herbs picked from the forest. You should be glad your alive.â

Koren lied back down, feeling no pain at all, and knew they must have given him some pain reliever. He started to think about his dream,

Koren, your race will soon see much bloodshed. Three worlds will collide, and might will triumph. Your ancestors have seen your fate, and the Thrios will save the land of Mahta. Koren, your mind may be greater than you thinkâ¦â¦he reapeated over and over again in his mind. How does this voice know my name? My race will see blood shed? Three worlds collide? Could this mean there is another race besides Orcs and Elves? And what is the Thrios? Whatever they are how could the save the whole land from this bloodshed?

After thinking this, he noticed that he was very hungry. Before he could do anything he fell back asleep. The voice came to him again.

All will be revealed Koren, in timeâ¦all will be revealed.

Chapter 3: A History Lesson

Koren awoke again. This time it was night. He looked out the window and saw a bird, most likely a crow, but he was not sure.

âAll will be revealed.â What could that mean?
Koren thought too himself.

Suddenly the door opened slowly, and Ken, his dad, walked in.

âI see your awake,â Ken said.

âYes I just woke up, why are you here so late at night?â Koren replied.

âI need to teach you something Koren,â Ken said in a stern voice.

âShootâ Koren replied.

âAs you know we live in the land of Mahta. It is a land of three races,â

âTHREE?! There are only two! Orcs and Elves!â Koren interrupted.

Ken continued, âThere are three, you do not know this Koren but there is a race that looks a lot like us. They are much weaker in power of course. They are called Humans, and they are wandering in Orc territory.â

âIs that why Orcs attack here? They think we are Humans!â Koren interrupted again.

âPlease! No more interruptions!â Ken told Koren in a louder more demanding voice. âYes, you are right. Orcs attack us because they think we are the Humans. Humans as I have told you are trespassing in Orc territory. They are taking Orc babies from villages. They wish to make them grow up on their side so they can have more brute strength in their race. Humans live on the western side of Mahta, and that is why you have never heard of them before.â

âSo Humans are the evil ones, not Orcs?â Koren asked.

âYes, Orcs are a friendlier species we believe. Their rash decisions are what we believe is bringing them to attack us.â Ken answered.

âSo why do we fight the Orcs instead of trying to tell them that we are not Humans?â

âWe have tried before, and it always failed. We tried capturing them and telling them, tried ending a battle and telling them, and we even tried surrendering a battle and telling them! Nothing ever works, because Orcs are too stupid.â Ken told Koren.

âWhy havenât the Orcs noticed that we are not Humans?â

âThey think that since we are close that we are so close to their villages that we are the ones raiding, and then fleeing.â Ken replied.

âOh, I see. Do we know anything of the Orcs?â Koren asked knowing the answer would be yes.

âNot exactly, Orcs themselves we do not know much of, but I will tell you what we do know.â Ken said. âOrcs live in the center of Mahta, in the rugged mountains of Poer. Orcs are as you know much stronger than Elves, but they are much slower. There sheer size is why it is hard for us Elves to fight them. Orcs believe that power will always win. That is why they constantly make tougher weapons, and make their muscles stronger. Orcs are mostly green, but we have noticed that when they are older they grow a brownish color. Orcs have different symbols and different hairstyles depending on what class of Orc they are.â

âSo there are classes of Orcs as well?â Koren asked.

âYes just like Elves there are classes of Orcs. We do not know exactly which sign means which class, but we have noticed that there are many more classes of Orcs then there are of Elves. Besides this, there is not much that we know about Orcs. They are a strange species based on war and power,â Ken said

âSo if Orcs and Humans are enemies the do Elves have any enemies?â Koren asked.

âElves are a peaceful race. We do not like either the Humans or the Orcs but we do not go into battle with them unless they attack us first,â Ken replied.

âSo now that I know about Orcs and Humans what about Elves? Is there any more I should know of mine own race?â Koren asked.

âElves are agile as you know. We live on the eastern side of Mahta. We live in the dense forest of Pais, and us in the village of Eterni. There are of course more Elven villages in the forest of Pais, but Eterni is the most populated city. Elves are smarter than other races, we are known for our archery skills, but as many do not know we have one other powerâ¦.â Ken stopped speaking.

âWhat is our other power!â Koren yelled.

âMagic,â Replied Ken.

Chapter 4: The Training Begins
Koren was shocked at what he had heard.

âIf Elves could do magic all the time then why didnât they?â
Koren thought to himself.

âIf they had used magic then Orcs and Humans would try to capture us to find out how,â Ken said.

âHow did you know what I was thinking!â Koren yelled.

âMagic is a powerful thing, and many do not know its full potential,â Ken replied calmly.

âIf itâs so powerful then why donât we attack the Orcs and take our place in the land of Mahta!â Koren yelled again this time with anger in his face.

âYou have much to learn Koren. Come with me now,â Ken said

Koren got up with out saying a word and followed his father. They went downstairs to the dining hall. No one was there, but the table was filled with food.

âEat, Iâm sure you are very hungry,â Ken said.

Koren ran to the food and started eating. Ken ate with him.

After they ate, they went out into the courtyard. Koren saw young elves running around and playing, while they walked to their house, and Koren sat down on his hammock. Ken was picking up items that Koren would need the next few days.

âHey! What are you doing?â Koren said.

âYou will be gone for about a month, training with the elders. I am helping you prepare,â Ken replied.

âIâm going to be gone for a month! Do I have a choice?â Koren said.

âDo you want to be a hero and save your village or will you stay here and be a burden while your entire race is being destroyed?â Ken screamed at Koren furiously.

âWhat do you mean save my race? The Elven race is doing fine!â Koren yelled back.

âThe Elves are being raided almost every day! You think that is fine!â Ken said even angrier then before.

âWeâve every skirmish, and what do you mean by I am a burden! I am your son!â Koren yelled also getting angrier.

âYou are not a burden, I was just angry. Iâm sorry Koren,â Ken said peacefully.

âIâm sorry too father,â Koren said.

âNow, do you want to train, or stay here?â Ken asked.

âTrain, I won't let you down father,â Koren replied after pondering a moment.

âGood, well your all set, lets go.â Ken said.

Koren followed Ken. They went back into the marketplace. They walked into an armory.

âWelcome Ken and Koren! What do you need today?â The man at the counter said.

âI am here for a battle staff, twenty pounds.â Ken replied.

âTwenty pounds! I canât wield that!â Koren said.

âDonât argue Koren, you may be surprised.â Ken said.

âHere you are, Iâll give it too you free of charge.â The man said easily holding the gigantic battle staff with one arm. Koren noticed he had winked when he said that.

âThank you Scar, I appreciate it,â Ken said winking back.

They walked out of the armory and walked behind it. After that, they went past all of the houses, and they ended up in the forest.

After about an hour of walking they arrived at an area that looked like an arena. It looked like a small city from far away, but as they got closer Koren noticed it broke up into three sections. One was labeled The Arena, the second was labeled Dome of Unspoken Trials, and the last was labeled The Chamber of Enlightenment.

âWhere are we?â Koren asked.

âWe are in the ancient Training Grounds of Pais. Here you will be taught all you need to know.â Ken replied.

Koren noticed that his mom was standing in the middle of the three sections, next to another building.

âHello Koren, Iâve been waiting for you.â His mom said with a soothing voice.

âMom!â Koren yelled while he ran to hug his mom, who he had not seen for at least a week.

âIâm glad that you are ok my son.â Marie said.

âYou need to start your training quickly Koren,â Ken said.

âAlright, good bye mom!â Koren said.

Koren followed Ken once again. They went in a small building that was in the center of it all. There, they saw three people.

âThese will be your three trainers, Ry the trainer of body, strength, and will, Spes the trainer of speed, agility and endurance, and Glade the trainer of magic and controlling it to its fullest. They will teach you about all of the hidden skills now that you are of age. You will train with Spes first, then Ry, and lastly with Glade,â Ken continued. âYou will stay with each of them for one week, then you will train with Glade for one additional week..â

âFollow me Koren, your training will soon begin. I want to see how fast and agile you are,â Spes said.

âHow will you do this? There is no way to get faster in one week!â Koren said loudly.

âYes there is. With no gravity, anything is possible.â said Spes with a smirk.

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