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Your people were said to be the first ones to exist. You are the fourth-fifth generation of your people. Many from this town have gone off to make their own villages and houses for themselves. We call these different places towns and we call all of it together a country. One of these people with the name James Horcrux made a village a generation ago that has now turned into the second castle. About 10 years ago that castle declared it should get some of the land that the original castle already owns. Obviously our townâs leader/king said no so the other castle declared war. You come into this game as being one of the options below in the original castle. You can do whatever you want but there are limits to your power. For example you can go off on your own and create your own village but you canât just magically create one, you have to build it yourself. This game is about choosing well and wisely.

Character Options:

Type: Knight in training
Weapons: metal sword, metal dagger, wood shield
Health: 100/100
Power: Good with every weapon
Skills: Athleticism 5, weaponry 5
Type: Pickpocket
Weapons: 2 sharp daggers
Special Clothing: A pair of leather boots
Health: 100/100
Power: Sneaky and Fast
Skills: Athleticism 5, Sneakiness 5
Type: Scholar
Weapon: Pocket Knife
Helpful tools: book on survival
Health: 100/100
Power: Super Smart
Skills: Smarts 5, Leadership 5
Type: Farm Boy
Weapons: Small Dagger
Helpful tools: cask
Health: 100/100
Power: Knows how to work with food and animals
Skills: Resourcefulness 5, smarts 5

Character Sheet
Personal Stuff
Name: (your characterâs name)
Age: (how old your character is)
Description: (height + body features)
Biography: (His history)
Type: (One of the character options)
Inventory: (Look under the character youâve chosenâs inventory)
Health: 100/100
Thirst: 100/100
Hunger: 100/100
Level: 0
PUNL: 0/10 (read below to figure out what this means)
Skills: (Put in from the character type you chose)


Level + PUNL: First off PUNL stands for points until next level. When you do something good, for example save a cat you will gain points. If you do something bad like throw the cat out of the tree and injure it you will lose points. Once you gain all of the points you need I will level you up. Every time you level up you will get to put a certain amount of skill points in a skill point category.

Skills: There are six skills. Athleticism, smarts, sneakiness, resourcefulness, weaponry, and leadership. When you gain a level you will get to choose which skill you want to rank up on. In the beginning you will already have skills in two different categories from the character type you chose.

Character options: When you pick one of the four character options make sure it suits you. For example pick something that you would know about from maybe reading a book. Donât just pick the one that you think is best.

Starting Point
Your starting point depends on what type of character you chose. For example if you chose farm boy I would put you on the farm not at the barracks.

I hope you enjoy!!!

P.S. I think this is my longest game so far XD

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